U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2020

§ 107.717 - Appeal.

(a) A person who requested reconsideration under § 107.715 may appeal to the Administrator the Associate Administrator's decision on the request. The appeal must:

(1) Be in writing and filed within 30 days of receipt of the Associate Administrator's decision on reconsideration;

(2) State in detail any alleged errors of fact and law;

(3) Enclose any additional information needed to support the appeal; and

(4) State in detail the modification of the final decision sought.

(b) The Administrator, if necessary to avoid a risk of significant harm to persons or property, may declare the Associate Administrator's action effective pending a decision on appeal.

(c) The Administrator grants or denies, in whole or in part, the relief requested and informs the appellant in writing of the decision on appeal. The Administrator's decision on appeal is the final administrative action.