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§ 11.81 - Rediscounts with Federal Reserve Banks.

Upon the endorsement of any bank, which shall be deemed a waiver of demand, notice and protest by such bank as to its own endorsement exclusively, and subject to regulations to be prescribed by the Federal Reserve Board, any such note secured by an Adjusted Service Certificate and held by a bank is made eligible for discount or rediscount by the Federal reserve bank of the Federal reserve district in which such bank is located, whether or not the bank offering the note for discount or rediscount is a member of the Federal Reserve System and whether or not it acquired the note in the first instance from the veteran or acquired it by transfer upon the endorsement of any other bank: Provided, That at the time of discount or rediscount such note has a maturity not in excess of 9 months, exclusive of days of grace, and complies in all other respects with the provisions of the law, the regulations of the Federal Reserve Board and the regulations in this part.