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§ 17.265 - Payments.

Payments of grant funds are made to grantees through a letter-of-credit, an advance by Treasury check, or a reimbursement by Treasury check, as appropriate. A letter-of-credit is an instrument certified by an authorized official of the Department of Veterans Affairs which authorizes the grantee to draw funds when needed from the Treasury, through a Federal Reserve bank and the grantee's commercial bank and shall be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs where all the following conditions exist:

(a) When there is or will be a continuing relationship between the grantee and the Department of Veterans Affairs for at least a 12-month period and the total amount of advance payments expected to be received within that period is $250,000, or more;

(b) When the grantee has established or demonstrated the willingness and ability to maintain procedures that will minimize the time elapsing between the transfer of funds and their disbursement by the grantee; and

(c) When the grantee's financial management meets the standards for fund control and accountability. An advance by Treasury check is a payment made to a grantee upon its request before outlays are made by the grantee, or through use of predetermined payment schedules and shall be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs when the grantee meets all of the above requirements of this section except that advances will be less than $250,000, or for a period less than 12 months. Reimbursement by Treasury check is a payment made to a grantee upon request for reimbursement from the grantee and shall be the preferred method when the grantee does not meet the requirements of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section. This method may be used on any construction agreement, or if the major portion of the program is accomplished through private market financing or Federal loans, and the Federal assistance constitutes a minor portion of the program. When the reimbursement method is used, the Department of Veterans Affairs shall make payment within 30 days after receipt of the billing, unless billing is improper. Unless otherwise required by law, payments shall not be withheld for proper charges at any time during the grant period unless a grantee has failed to comply with the program objectives, award conditions, or Federal reporting requirements; or the grantee is indebted.

[42 FR 54806, Oct. 11, 1977. Redesignated at 61 FR 21966, May 13, 1996]