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§ 17.274 - Cost sharing.

(a) With the exception of services obtained through VA facilities, CHAMPVA is a cost-sharing program in which the cost of covered services is shared with the beneficiary. CHAMPVA pays the CHAMPVA-determined allowable amount less the deductible, if applicable, and less the beneficiary cost share.

(b) In addition to the beneficiary cost share, an annual (calendar year) outpatient deductible requirement ($50 per beneficiary or $100 per family) must be satisfied prior to the payment of outpatient benefits. There is no deductible requirement for inpatient services or for services provided through VA facilities.

(c) To provide financial protection against the impact of a long-term illness or injury, a calendar year cost limit or “catastrophic cap” has been placed on the beneficiary cost-share amount for covered services and supplies. Credits to the annual catastrophic cap are limited to the applied annual deductible(s) and the beneficiary cost-share amount. Costs above the CHAMPVA-allowable amount, as well as costs associated with non-covered services are not credited to the catastrophic cap computation. After a family has paid the maximum cost-share and deductible amounts for a calendar year, CHAMPVA will pay allowable amounts for the remaining covered services through the end of that calendar year.

(i) Through December 31, 2001, the annual cap on cost sharing is $7,500 per CHAMPVA-eligible family.

(ii) Effective January 1, 2002, the cap on cost sharing is $3,000 per CHAMPVA-eligible family.

(d) If the CHAMPVA benefit payment is under $1.00, payment will not be issued. Catastrophic cap and deductible will, however, be credited.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501, 1781) [67 FR 4359, Jan. 30, 2002, as amended at 67 FR 6875, Feb. 14, 2002]