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§ 7.3 - The policy.

(a) Any provision in a policy that may limit or eliminate a benefit other than the primary death benefit will not, because of such provision, place the policy outside the protection of the Act if it is otherwise eligible for protection.

(b) An annuity contract, if it provides payment of a substantial death benefit in the nature of life insurance, may be included within the provisions of the Act if otherwise eligible. Group insurance will not be included unless an individual and separate contract of insurance is completely released to the insured and thereafter comes within the provisions of the Act as a policy.

(c) The phrase Face amount of insurance as used in the regulations in this part will mean the amount of insurance payable as a death benefit; Provided, That any indebtedness, or any accruals (such as paid-up additions, dividend accumulations, etc.) that may be added to or taken from the amount payable as the death benefits will not be used in calculating the face amount of a policy.

[13 FR 7103, Nov. 27, 1948, as amended at 21 FR 7297, Sept. 25, 1956. Redesignated and amended at 61 FR 29026, June 7, 1996]