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§ 60.3062 - What is an air curtain incinerator?

(a) An air curtain incinerator operates by forcefully projecting a curtain of air across an open, integrated combustion chamber (fire box) or open pit or trench (trench burner) in which combustion occurs. For the purpose of this subpart and subpart EEEE of this part only, air curtain incinerators include both firebox and trench burner units.

(b) Air curtain incinerators that burn only the materials listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (4) of this section are required to meet only the requirements in §§ 60.3062 through 60.3069 and are exempt from all other requirements of this subpart.

(1) 100 percent wood waste.

(2) 100 percent clean lumber.

(3) 100 percent yard waste.

(4) 100 percent mixture of only wood waste, clean lumber, and/or yard waste.