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§ 405.375 - Time limits for, and notification of, administrative determination after receipt of rebuttal statement.

(a) Submission and disposition of evidence. If the provider or supplier submits a statement, under § 405.374, as to why a suspension of payment, offset, or recoupment should not be put into effect, or, under § 405.372(b)(2), why a suspension should be terminated, CMS, the intermediary, or carrier must within 15 days, from the date the statement is received, consider the statement (including any pertinent evidence submitted), together with any other material bearing upon the case, and determine whether the facts justify the suspension, offset, or recoupment or, if already initiated, justify the termination of the suspension, offset, or recoupment. Suspension, offset, or recoupment is not delayed beyond the date stated in the notice in order to review the statement.

(b) Notification of determination. The Medicare contractor must send written notice of the determination made under paragraph (a) of this section to the provider or supplier. The notice must -

(1) In the case of offset or recoupment, contain rationale for the determination; and

(2) In the case of suspension of payment, contain specific findings on the conditions upon which the suspension is initiated, continued, or removed and an explanatory statement of the determination.

(c) Determination is not appealable. A determination made under paragraph (a) of this section is not an initial determination and is not appealable.

[61 FR 63747, Dec. 2, 1996]