U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 435.917 - Notice of agency's decision concerning eligibility, benefits, or services.

(a) Notice of eligibility determinations. Consistent with §§ 431.206 through 431.214 of this chapter, the agency must provide all applicants and beneficiaries with timely and adequate written notice of any decision affecting their eligibility, including an approval, denial, termination or suspension of eligibility, or a denial or change in benefits and services. Such notice must -

(1) Be written in plain language;

(2) Be accessible to persons who are limited English proficient and individuals with disabilities, consistent with § 435.905(b), and

(3) If provided in electronic format, comply with § 435.918(b).

(b) Content of eligibility notice - (1) Notice of approved eligibility. Any notice of an approval of Medicaid eligibility must include, but is not limited to, clear statements containing the following information -

(i) The basis and effective date of eligibility;

(ii) The circumstances under which the individual must report, and procedures for reporting, any changes that may affect the individual's eligibility;

(iii) If applicable, the amount of medical expenses which must be incurred to establish eligibility in accordance with § 435.121 or § 435.831.

(iv) Basic information on the level of benefits and services available based on the individual's eligibility, including, if applicable -

(A) The differences in coverage available to individuals enrolled in benchmark or benchmark-equivalent coverage or in an Alternative Benefits Plan and coverage available to individuals described in § 440.315 of this chapter (relating to exemptions from mandatory enrollment in benchmark or benchmark-equivalent coverage);

(B) A description of any premiums and cost sharing required under Part 447 Subpart A of this chapter;

(C) An explanation of how to receive additional detailed information on benefits and financial responsibilities; and

(D) An explanation of any right to appeal the eligibility status or level of benefits and services approved.

(2) Notice of adverse action including denial, termination or suspension of eligibility or change in benefits or services. Any notice of denial, termination or suspension of Medicaid eligibility or change in benefits or services must be consistent with § 431.210 of this chapter.

(c) Eligibility. Whenever an approval, denial, or termination of eligibility is based on an applicant's or beneficiary's having household income at or below the applicable modified adjusted gross income standard in accordance with § 435.911, the eligibility notice must contain -

(1) Information regarding bases of eligibility other than the applicable modified adjusted gross income standard and the benefits and services afforded to individuals eligible on such other bases, sufficient to enable the individual to make an informed choice as to whether to request a determination on such other bases; and

(2) Information on how to request a determination on such other bases;

(d) Combined Eligibility Notice. The agency's responsibility to provide notice under this section is satisfied by a combined eligibility notice, as defined in § 435.4, provided by the Exchange or other insurance affordability program in accordance with an agreement between the agency and such program consummated in accordance with § 435.1200(b)(3), except that, if the information described in paragraph (b)(1)(iii) and (iv) of this section is not included in such combined eligibility notice, the agency must provide the individual with a supplemental notice of such information, consistent with this section.

[81 FR 86458, Nov. 30, 2016]