U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 14, 2020

§ 2806.13 - What happens if I do not pay rents and fees or if I pay the rents or fees late?

(a) If the BLM does not receive the rent or fee payment required in subpart 2806 within 15 calendar days after the payment was due under § 2806.12, we will charge you a late payment fee of $25 or 10 percent of the amount you owe, whichever is greater, per authorization.

(b) If BLM does not receive your rent payment and late payment fee within 30 calendar days after rent was due, BLM may collect other administrative fees provided by statute.

(c) If BLM does not receive your rent, late payment fee, and any administrative fees within 90 calendar days after the rent was due, BLM may terminate your grant under § 2807.17 of this part and you may not remove any facility or equipment without BLM's written permission (see § 2807.19 of this part). The rent due, late payment fees, and any administrative fees remain a debt that you owe to the United States.

(d) If you pay the rent, late payment fee, and any administrative fees after BLM has terminated the grant, BLM does not automatically reinstate the grant. You must file a new application with BLM. BLM will consider the history of your failure to timely pay rent in deciding whether to issue you a new grant.

(e) Subject to applicable laws and regulations, we will retroactively bill for uncollected or under-collected rent, fees, and late payments, if:

(1) A clerical error is identified;

(2) An adjustment to rental schedules is not applied; or

(3) An omission or error in complying with the terms and conditions of the authorized right-of-way is identified.

(f) You may appeal any adverse decision BLM takes against your grant under § 2801.10 of this part.

(g) We will not approve any further activities associated with your right-of-way until we receive any outstanding payments that are due.

[70 FR 21058, Apr. 22, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 92216, Dec. 19, 2016]