U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 02, 2020

§ 2806.20 - What is the rent for a linear right-of-way grant?

(a) Except as described in § 2806.26 of this chapter, the BLM will use the Per Acre Rent Schedule (see paragraph (c) of this section) to calculate rent for all linear right-of-way authorizations, regardless of the granting authority (FLPMA, MLA, and their predecessors). Counties (or other geographical areas) are assigned to an appropriate zone in accordance with § 2806.21. The BLM will adjust the per acre rent values in the schedule annually in accordance with § 2806.22(a), and it will revise the schedule at the end of each 10-year period in accordance with § 2806.22(b).

(b) The annual per acre rent for all types of linear right-of-way facilities is the product of 4 factors: The per acre zone value multiplied by the encumbrance factor multiplied by the rate of return multiplied by the annual adjustment factor (see § 2806.22(a)).

(c) You may obtain a copy of the current Per Acre Rent Schedule from any BLM State, district, or field office or by writing: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 20 M Street SE., Room 2134LM, Washington, DC 20003. We also post the current rent schedule at http://www.blm.gov.

[73 FR 65071, Oct. 31, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 92216, Dec. 19, 2016]