U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 15, 2020

§ 2806.39 - How will BLM calculate rent for a lease for a facility manager's use?

(a) BLM will follow the provisions in § 2806.31 of this subpart to calculate rent for a lease involving a facility manager's use. However, we include the rent from the rent schedule for a facility manager's use in the rental calculation only if the value of that use is equal to or greater than the value of any other use in the facility. BLM excludes the facility manager's use in the 25 percent calculation (see § 2806.31(a) of this subpart) when its value does not exceed the highest value in the facility.

(b) If you are a facility owner and you terminate your use within the facility, but want to retain the lease for other purposes, BLM will continue to charge you for your authorized use until BLM amends the lease to change your use to facility manager or to some other communication use.