U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 28, 2020

§ 3809.597 - What if I do not comply with BLM's forfeiture decision?

If you fail to meet the requirements of BLM's forfeiture decision provided under § 3809.596, and you fail to appeal the forfeiture decision under §§ 3809.800 to 3809.807, or the Interior Board of Land Appeals does not grant a stay under 43 CFR 4.321, or the decision appealed is affirmed, BLM will -

(a) Immediately collect the forfeited amount as provided by applicable laws for the collection of defaulted financial guarantees, other debts, or State bond pools; and

(b) Use funds collected from financial guarantee forfeiture to implement the reclamation plan, or portion thereof, on the area or portion of the area to which financial guarantee coverage applies.