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§ 23.47 - What is the base for a recipient's goal for concessions other than car rentals?

(a) As a recipient, the base for your goal includes the total gross receipts of concessions, except as otherwise provided in this section.

(b) This base does not include the gross receipts of car rental operations.

(c) The dollar amount of a management contract or subcontract with a non-ACDBE and the gross receipts of business activities to which a management or subcontract with a non-ACDBE pertains are not added to this base.

(d) This base does not include any portion of a firm's estimated gross receipts that will not be generated from a concession.

Example to paragraph (d):A firm operates a restaurant in the airport terminal which serves the traveling public and under the same lease agreement, provides in-flight catering service to air carriers. The projected gross receipts from the restaurant are included in the overall goal calculation, while the gross receipts to be earned by the in-flight catering services are not.