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§ 354.221 - Rooms and compartments.

Rooms and compartments used for edible products shall be separate and distinct from inedible products departments and from rooms where rabbits are slaughtered and skinned. Separate rooms shall be provided when required for conducting processing operations in a sanitary manner, and all rooms shall be of sufficient size to permit the installation of the necessary equipment for processing operations and the conduct of such operations in a sanitary manner.

(a) Rooms for separate operation. The official plant should have separate rooms for each of the following operations depending upon the various types of operations conducted, but, in no case, shall the receiving or holding of live rabbits or killing operations be permitted in rooms in which eviscerating operations are performed:

(1) The receiving and feeding of live rabbits.

(2) Killing and skinning operations.

(3) Eviscerating, chilling, and packing operations for ready-to-cook rabbits.

(4) Inedible products departments.

(5) Refuse room.

(b) Rooms for holding carcasses for further inspection. Rooms and compartments in which carcasses or parts thereof are held for further inspection shall be in such number and such location as the needs of the inspection in the plant may require. They shall be equipped with locks and keys and the keys shall not leave the custody of the inspector in charge of the plant. All such rooms and compartments shall be marked conspicuously with the word “retained” in letters not less than 2 inches high.

(c) Coolers and freezers. Coolers and freezers of adequate size and capacity shall be provided to reduce the internal temperature of ready-to-cook rabbits prepared and otherwise handled in the plant to 36 °F. within 24 hours unless other cooling facilities are available.

(d) Refuse rooms. Refuse rooms shall be entirely separate from other rooms in the plant, and shall have tight fitting doors and be properly ventilated.

(e) Storage and supply rooms. The storage and supply rooms shall be in good repair, kept dry, and maintained in a sanitary condition.

(f) Boiler room. The boiler room shall be a separate room, if necessary, to prevent its being a source of dirt and objectionable odors entering any room where ready-to-cook rabbits are prepared, processed, handled, and stored.

(g) Inspector's office. Furnished office space, including, but not being limited to, light, heat, and janitor service shall be provided rent free in the official plant for the exclusive use for official purposes of the inspector and the Administration. The room or rooms set apart for this purpose must meet with the approval of the regional supervisor and be conveniently located, properly ventilated, and provided with lockers or cabinets suitable for the protection and storage of supplies and with facilities suitable for inspectors to change clothing.

(h) Toilet rooms. Toilet rooms opening directly into rooms where rabbit products are exposed shall have self-closing doors and shall be ventilated to the outside of the building.