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§ 354.225 - Lavatory accommodations.

Modern lavatory accommodations and properly located facilities for cleaning utensils and hands shall be provided.

(a) Adequate lavatory and toilet accommodations, including, but not being limited to, running hot water and cold water, soap, and towels, shall be provided. Such accommodations shall be in or near toilet and locker rooms and also at such other places in the plant as may be essential to the cleanliness of all personnel handling products.

(b) Sufficient metal containers shall be provided for used towels and other wastes.

(c) An adequate number of hand washing facilities serving areas where dressed rabbits and edible products are prepared shall be operated by other than hand-operated controls, or shall be of a continuous flow type which provides an adequate flow of water for washing hands.

(d) Durable signs shall be posted conspicuously in each toilet room and locker room directing employees to wash their hands before returning to work.

(e) Toilet facilities shall be provided according to the following formula:

Persons of same sex Toilet bowls required
1 to 15, inclusive1
16 to 35, inclusive2
36 to 55, inclusive1 3
56 to 80, inclusive1 4
For each additional 30 persons in excess of 801 1

1 Urinals may be substituted for toilet bowls but only to the extent of 1/3 of the total number of bowls stated.