GovRegs was officially launched on [official launch coming soon], accessible as a website, to provide easy, transparent, up-to-date, free access to the laws of the United States, expressed through the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. GovRegs's databases, which are kept synchronized with federal government servers, ensuring you have access to current information. GovRegs is a private endeavor created by Craig Briess, a customs and international trade law attorney and U.S. Customs & Border Protection employee.

GovRegs is proud to be the world's first service to provide:

  • Complete and current access to all Titles of the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, free of charge, in one centralized location;
  • Full desktop (web) and mobile web access;
  • Unrestricted access without any user-registration requirement;
  • A commercial grade search engine providing advanced features that exceed even some paid services;
  • SSL protection, ensuring your searches remain private;
  • Information that is up-to-date and kept synchronized with federal government servers; and
  • A truly enjoyable experience.

While the website is mobile oriented, need not be relegated to a user's mobile device! The web service performs just well as a one-stop desktop website or tablet app as it does on a smartphone, providing convenient tools that related government websites do not.

We are excited to bring you the GovRegs service, and have many plans to improve and expand the tools that we provide.

Feedback? Ideas? Complaints? Your opinion matters! Please contact us - we guarantee that we will read and consider every submission.

You may contact us using the form below, or by phone at (202) 595-8998.