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§ 208.26 - Exemptions and deferrals.

(a) FDA on its own initiative, or in response to a written request from an applicant, may exempt or defer any Medication Guide content or format requirement, except those requirements in § 208.20 (a)(2) and (a)(6), on the basis that the requirement is inapplicable, unnecessary, or contrary to patients' best interests. Requests from applicants should be submitted to the director of the FDA division responsible for reviewing the marketing application for the drug product, or for a biological product, to the application division in the office with product responsibility.

(b) If the licensed practitioner who prescribes a drug product subject to this part determines that it is not in a particular patient's best interest to receive a Medication Guide because of significant concerns about the effect of a Medication Guide, the licensed practitioner may direct that the Medication Guide not be provided to the particular patient. However, the authorized dispenser of a prescription drug product subject to this part shall provide a Medication Guide to any patient who requests information when the drug product is dispensed regardless of any such direction by the licensed practitioner.