U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 435.138 - Disabled widows and widowers aged 60 through 64 who would be eligible for SSI except for early receipt of social security benefits.

(a) If the agency provides Medicaid to aged, blind, or disabled individuals receiving SSI or State supplements, the agency must provide Medicaid to disabled widows and widowers who -

(1) Are at least age 60;

(2) Are not entitled to hospital insurance benefits under Medicare Part A; and

(3) Become ineligible for SSI or a State supplement because of mandatory application (under section 1611(e)(2)) for and receipt of widow's or widower's social security disability benefits under section 202(e) or (f) (or any other provision of section 202 if they are also eligible for benefits under subsections (e) or (f)) of the Act.

For purposes of title XIX, individuals who meet these requirements are deemed to be title XVI payment beneficiaries under section 1634(d) of the Act.

(b) If the agency adopts more restrictive eligibility requirements than those under SSI, it must provide Medicaid to individuals specified in paragraph (a) of this section on the same basis as Medicaid is provided to individuals continuing to receive SSI or a mandatory or optional State supplement. If the individual incurs enough medical expenses to reduce his or her income to the financial eligibility standard for the categorically needy under the State's more restrictive eligibility criteria, the agency must cover the individual as categorically needy. In determining the amount of his or her income, the agency may deduct all, part, or none of the amount of the social security disability benefits that made him or her ineligible for SSI or a State supplement, up to the amount that made him or her ineligible for SSI.

(c) Individuals who may be eligible under this section must file a written application for Medicaid. Medicaid coverage may begin no earlier than July 1, 1988.

(d) The agency must determine whether individuals may be eligible for Medicaid under this section.

[55 FR 48608, Nov. 21, 1990]