U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 483.150 - Statutory basis; Deemed meeting or waiver of requirements.

(a) Statutory basis. This subpart is based on sections 1819(b)(5), 1819(f)(2), 1919(b)(5), and 1919(f)(2) of the Act, which establish standards for training nurse-aides and for evaluating their competency.

(b) Deemed meeting of requirements. A nurse aide is deemed to satisfy the requirement of completing a training and competency evaluation approved by the State if he or she successfully completed a training and competency evaluation program before July 1, 1989 if -

(1) The aide would have satisfied this requirement if -

(i) At least 60 hours were substituted for 75 hours in sections 1819(f)(2) and 1919(f)(2) of the Act, and

(ii) The individual has made up at least the difference in the number of hours in the program he or she completed and 75 hours in supervised practical nurse aide training or in regular in-service nurse aide education;


(2) The individual was found to be competent (whether or not by the State) after the completion of nurse aide training of at least 100 hours duration.

(c) Waiver of requirements. A State may -

(1) Waive the requirement for an individual to complete a competency evaluation program approved by the State for any individual who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the State that he or she has served as a nurse aide at one or more facilities of the same employer in the state for at least 24 consecutive months before December 19, 1989; or

(2) Deem an individual to have completed a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program approved by the State if the individual completed, before July 1, 1989, such a program that the State determines would have met the requirements for approval at the time it was offered.

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