U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 23, 2020

§ 29.11 - Investment.

(a) The monies accumulated in the Fund shall be prudently invested in the following types of income-producing obligations having a high degree of reliability and security, or in such other obligations as the Secretary may approve:

(1) Fixed income securities issued by the United States or any of its agencies, at the same interest rates and terms available to private investors; and

(2) Fixed income securities or obligations issued by a corporation or issued or guaranteed by a State or local government or any political subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, provided such obligations have a rating by Standard and Poors, or Moody, of “A” or better, or an equivalent rating, or provided further that the security or obligation is of the same priority as another security or obligation of the same issuer which has been rated “A” or better, and provided that the portfolio has an overall rating of “AA.” Provided, however, That no securities or obligations of the permittees or their affiliates or of any investment advisor or custodian to the Fund, or their affiliates may be purchased or held by the Fund.

(3) Time certificates of deposit and commercial paper provided that the commercial paper has a rating of either “A1” or “P1” or both.

(b) No more than two percent of the total principal amount outstanding of fixed income obligations of a single issuer may be held by the Fund at any one time, Provided, however, That this restriction shall not apply to obligations of the United States or any of its agencies.