U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jan 23, 2021

§ 502.10 - Availability of records.

(a) Each person desiring access to a record covered by this part must comply with the following provisions:

(1) A written request must be made for the record.

(2) Such request must indicate that it is being made under the Freedom of Information Act.

(3) The envelope in which the request is sent must be prominently marked with the letters “FOIA.”

(4) The request must be addressed to the appropriate official or employee of the Commission as set forth in paragraph (c) of this section.

(5) The foregoing requirements must be complied with whether the request is mailed or hand-delivered to the Commission.

(b) If the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section are not met, the twenty-day time limit described in § 502.10(a) will not begin to run until the request has been identified by an official or employee of the Commission as a request under the Freedom of Information Act and has been received by the appropriate official or employee of the Commission.

(c) Each person desiring access to a record covered in this part that is located in the Commission, or to obtain a copy of such a record, must make a written request to the Administrative Officer, Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, 600 E Street NW, Room 6002, Washington, DC 20579.

(d) Each request should reasonably describe the particular record requested. The request should specify the subject matter, the date when it was made and the person or office that made it. If the description is insufficient, the official or employee handling the request may notify the person making the request and, to the extent possible, indicate the additional data required.

(e) Each record made available under this section is available for inspection and copying during regular working hours. Original documents may be copied but may not be released from custody.

(f) Authority to administer this part in connection with Commission records is delegated to the Administrative Officer or the Commission employee acting in that official's capacity.