U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jan 23, 2020

§ 176.89 - Control of transport vehicles.

(a) A transport vehicle containing hazardous materials may be transported on board a ferry vessel, subject to the following conditions:

(1) The operator or person in charge of the vehicle shall deliver to the vessel's representative a copy of the shipping papers and certificate required by §§ 176.24 and 176.27;

(2) The vehicle shall be placed at the location indicated by the vessel's representative;

(3) The parking brakes of the vehicle shall be set securely to prevent movement;

(4) The motor of a highway vehicle shall be shut off and not restarted until the vessel has completed its voyage and docked;

(5) All vehicle lights shall be cut off and not relighted until the vessel has completed its voyage and docked;

(6) The operator of a highway vehicle shall remain with the vehicle;

(7) No repairs or adjustments must be made to the vehicle while it is on the vessel;

(8) No hazardous materials are to be released from the vehicle; and

(9) Any instructions given by the vessel's representative during the voyage, and during “roll on” and “roll off” operations must be observed.

(b) Smoking by any person in or around a vehicle is prohibited.