Collapse to view only § 1230.12 - Manufacturer; distributor.

§ 1230.10 - Placement.

The label or sticker shall be so firmly attached to the container that it will remain thereon while the container is being used, and be so placed as readily to attract attention.

§ 1230.11 - Required wording.

(a) The common name of the dangerous caustic or corrosive substance which shall appear on the label or sticker is the name given in section 2(a) of the act (44 Stat. 1406; 15 U.S.C. 402) or any other name commonly employed to designate and identify such substance.

(b) Preparations within the scope of the act bearing trade or fanciful names shall, in addition, be labeled with the common name of the dangerous caustic or corrosive substance contained therein and comply with all the other requirements of the act and of the regulations in this part.

§ 1230.12 - Manufacturer; distributor.

If the name on the label or sticker is other than that of the manufacturer, it shall be qualified by such words as “packed for,” “packed by,” “sold by,” or “distributed by,” as the case may be, or by other appropriate expression.

§ 1230.13 - Labeling of “poison”.

The following are styles of uncondensed Gothic capital letters 24-point (type face) size:

When letters of not less than 24-point size are required on a label in stating the word “poison” they must not be smaller than those above set forth.

§ 1230.14 - Directions for treatment.

Except as provided in § 1230.16, the container shall bear in all cases upon the label or sticker thereof, immediately following the word “Poison,” directions for treatment in the case of internal personal injury; in addition, if the substance may cause external injury, directions for appropriate treatment shall be given. The directions shall prescribe such treatments for personal injury as are sanctioned by competent medical authority, and the materials called for by such directions shall be, whenever practicable, such as are usually available in the household.

§ 1230.15 - Responsibility for labeling directions for treatment.

A person who receives from a manufacturer or wholesaler any container which under the conditions set forth in section 2(b)(4) of the act and § 1230.16 does not bear at the time of shipment directions for treatment in the case of personal injury must place such directions on the label or sticker if he offers such container for general sale or exchange.

§ 1230.16 - Exemption from labeling directions for treatment.

Manufacturers and wholesalers only, at the time of shipment or delivery for shipment, are exempted from placing directions for treatment on the label or sticker of any container for other than household use, but in any event the information required by section 2(b) (1), (2), and (3) of the act (44 Stat. 1407; 15 U.S.C. 402) and the regulations in this part shall be given.