U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 182.5 - What does this part do?

This part provides Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance for Federal agencies on the portion of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 U.S.C. 701-707,as. It also applies the provisions of the Act to cooperative agreements and other financial assistance awards, as a matter of Federal Government policy.

§ 182.10 - How is this part organized?

This part is organized in two segments.

(a) Sections 182.5 through 182.40 contain general policy direction for Federal agencies' use of the uniform policies and procedures in subparts A through F of this part.

(b) Subparts A through F of this part contain uniform governmentwide policies and procedures for Federal agency use to specify the -

(1) Types of awards that are covered by drug-free workplace requirements;

(2) Drug-free workplace requirements with which a recipient must comply;

(3) Actions required of an agency awarding official; and

(4) Consequences of a violation of drug-free workplace requirements.

§ 182.15 - To whom does the guidance apply?

This part provides OMB guidance only to Federal agencies. Publication of this guidance in the Code of Federal Regulations does not change its nature - it is guidance and not regulation. Federal agencies' implementation of the guidance governs the rights and responsibilities of other persons affected by the drug-free workplace requirements.

§ 182.20 - What must a Federal agency do to implement the guidance?

To comply with the requirement in Section 41 U.S.C. 705 for Governmentwide regulations, each Federal agency that awards grants or cooperative agreements or makes other financial assistance awards that are subject to the drug-free workplace requirements in subparts A through F of the guidance must issue a regulation consistent with those subparts.

§ 182.25 - What must a Federal agency address in its implementation of the guidance?

Each Federal agency's implementing regulation:

(a) Must establish drug-free workplace policies and procedures for that agency's awards that are consistent with the guidance in this part. When adopted by a Federal agency, the provisions of the guidance have regulatory effect for that agency's awards.

(b) Must address some matters for which the guidance in this part gives the agency discretion. Specifically, the regulation must -

(1) State whether the agency:

(i) Has a central point to which a recipient may send the notification of a conviction that is required under § 182.225(a) or § 182.300(b); or

(ii) Requires the recipient to send the notification to the awarding official for each agency award, or to his or her official designee.

(2) Either:

(i) State that the agency head is the official authorized to determine under § 182.500 or § 182.505 that a recipient has violated the drug-free workplace requirements; or

(ii) Provide the title of the official designated to make that determination.

(c) May also, at the agency's option, identify any specific types of financial assistance awards, in addition to grants and cooperative agreements, to which the Federal agency makes this guidance applicable.

§ 182.30 - Where does a Federal agency implement the guidance?

Each Federal agency that awards grants or cooperative agreements or makes other financial assistance awards that are subject to the drug-free workplace guidance in this part must issue a regulation implementing the guidance within its chapter in subtitle B of this title of the Code of Federal Regulations.

§ 182.35 - By when must a Federal agency implement the guidance?

Federal agencies must submit proposed regulations to the OMB for review within nine months of the issuance of this part and issue final regulations within eighteen months of the guidance.

§ 182.40 - How is the guidance maintained?

The OMB publishes proposed changes to the guidance in the Federal Register for public comment, considers comments with the help of appropriate interagency working groups, and then issues any changes to the guidance in final form.

Subpart A [§ 182.100 - § 182.125] - Purpose and Coverage

Subpart B [§ 182.200 - § 182.230] - Requirements for Recipients Other Than Individuals

Subpart C [§ 182.300 - § 182.300] - Requirements for Recipients Who Are Individuals

Subpart D [§ 182.400 - § 182.400] - Responsibilities of Agency Awarding Officials

Subpart E [§ 182.500 - § 182.515] - Violations of This Part and Consequences

Subpart F [§ 182.605 - § 182.670] - Definitions