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§ 3.20 - General.

The Act of December 28, 1922, 42 Stat. 1066, the Small Claims Act, authorized the head of each department and establishment to consider, ascertain, adjust, and determine claims of $1,000 or less for damage to, or loss of, privately owned property caused by the negligence of any officer or employee of the Government acting within the scope of his employment. The Federal Tort Claims Act superseded the Small Claims Act with respect to claims that are allowable under the former act. Therefore, claims that are not allowable under the Federal Tort Claims Act, for example, claims arising abroad, may be allowable under the Small Claims Act.

§ 3.21 - Action by claimant.

Procedures and requirements for filing claims under this section shall be the same as required for filing claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act as set forth in Subpart A of this part.

§ 3.22 - Legal review.

Claims filed under this subpart shall be forwarded to the legal division of the bureau or office out of whose activities the claim arose. The claim, together with the reports of the employee and the investigation, shall be reviewed in the legal division which shall thereupon make a recommendation that the claim be approved, disapproved or compromised.

§ 3.23 - Approval of claims.

Claims shall be approved, disapproved, or compromised by the head of the bureau or office or his designee, taking into consideration the recommendation of the legal division.

§ 3.24 - Statute of limitations.

No claim will be considered under this subpart unless filed within 1 year from the date of the accrual of said claim.