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§ 116.1 - Applicability.

This regulation designates hazardous substances under section 311(b)(2)(A) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (the Act). The regulation applies to discharges of substances designated in Table 116.4.

[43 FR 10474, Mar. 13, 1978]

§ 116.2 - Abbreviations.

ppm = parts per million mg = milligram(s) kg = kilogram(s) mg/l = milligrams(s) per liter= (approx.) ppm mg/kg = milligram(s) per kilogram= (approx.) ppm [43 FR 10474, Mar. 13, 1978]

§ 116.3 - Definitions.

As used in this part, all terms shall have the meaning defined in the Act and as given below:

The Act means the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended by the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (Pub. L. 92-500), and as further amended by the Clean Water Act of 1977 (Pub. L. 95-217), 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.; and as further amended by the Clean Water Act Amendments of 1978 (Pub. L. 95-676);

Animals means appropriately sensitive animals which carry out respiration by means of a lung structure permitting gaseous exchange between air and the circulatory system;

Aquatic animals means appropriately sensitive wholly aquatic animals which carry out respiration by means of a gill structure permitting gaseous exchange between the water and the circulatory system;

Aquatic flora means plant life associated with the aquatic eco-system including, but not limited to, algae and higher plants;

Contiguous zone means the entire zone established or to be established by the United States under article 24 of the Convention of the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone;

Discharge includes, but is not limited to, any spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying or dumping, but excludes (A) discharges in compliance with a permit under section 402 of this Act, (B) discharges resulting from circumstances identified and reviewed and made a part of the public record with respect to a permit issued or modified under section 402 of this Act, and subject to a condition in such permit, and (C) continuous or anticipated intermittent discharges from a point source, identified in a permit or permit application under section 402 of this Act, which are caused by events occurring within the scope of relevant operating or treatment systems;

LC50 means that concentration of material which is lethal to one-half of the test population of aquatic animals upon continuous exposure for 96 hours or less.

Mixture means any combination of two or more elements and/or compounds in solid, liquid, or gaseous form except where such substances have undergone a chemical reaction so as to become inseparable by physical means.

Navigable waters means “waters of the United States,” including the territorial seas, as defined in § 120.2 of this chapter.

Offshore facility means any facility of any kind located in, on, or under, any of the navigable waters of the United States, and any facility of any kind which is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and is located in, on, or under any other waters, other than a vessel or a public vessel;

Onshore facility means any facility (including, but not limited to, motor vehicles and rolling stock) of any kind located in, on, or under, any land within the United States other than submerged land;

Otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of the United States means subject to the jurisdiction of the United States by virtue of United States citizenship, United States vessel documentation or numbering, or as provided for by international agreement to which the United States is a party.

A discharge in connection with activities under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act or the Deepwater Port Act of 1974, or which may affect natural resources belonging to, appertaining to, or under the exclusive management authority of the United States (including resources under the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976), means: (1) A discharge into any waters beyond the contiguous zone from any vessel or onshore or offshore facility, which vessel or facility is subject to or is engaged in activities under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act or the Deepwater Port Act of 1974, and (2) any discharge into any waters beyond the contiguous zone which contain, cover, or support any natural resource belonging to, appertaining to, or under the exclusive management authority of the United States (including resources under the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976).

Public vessel means a vessel owned or bareboat-chartered and operated by the United States, or a State or political subdivision thereof, or by a foreign nation, except when such vessel is engaged in commerce.

Territorial seas means the belt of the seas measured from the line of ordinary low water along that portion of the coast which is in direct contact with the open sea and the line marking the seaward limit of inland waters, and extending seaward a distance of 3 miles.

Vessel means every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water other than a public vessel;

[43 FR 10474, Mar. 13, 1978; 43 FR 27533, June 26, 1978, as amended at 44 FR 10266, Feb. 16, 1979; 58 FR 45039, Aug. 25, 1993; 80 FR 37110, June 29, 2015; 83 FR 5208, Feb. 6, 2018; 84 FR 56668, Oct. 22, 2019; 85 FR 22339, Apr. 21, 2020]

§ 116.4 - Designation of hazardous substances.

The elements and compounds appearing in Tables 116.4 A and B are designated as hazardous substances in accordance with section 311(b)(2)(A) of the Act. This designation includes any isomers and hydrates, as well as any solutions and mixtures containing these substances. Synonyms and Chemical Abstract System (CAS) numbers have been added for convenience of the user only. In case of any disparity the common names shall be considered the designated substance.

Table 116.4A - List of Hazardous Substances

Common name CAS No. Synonyms Isomers CAS No. Acetaldehyde75070Ethanal, ethyl aldehyde, acetic aldehyde Acetic acid64197Glacial acetic acid, vinegar acid Acetic anhydride108247Acetic oxide, acetyl oxide Acetone cyanohydrin758652-methyllactonitrile, alpha-hydroxyisobutyronitrile Acetyl bromide506967 Acetyl chloride79367 Acrolein1070282-propenal, acrylic aldehyde, acrylaldehyde, acraldehyde Acrylonitrile107131Cyanoethylene, Fumigrain, Ventox, propeneitrile, vinyl cyanide Adipic acid124049Hexanedioic acid Aldrin309002Octalene, HHDN Allyl alcohol1071862-propen-1-ol, 1-propenol-3, vinyl carbinol Allyl chloride1070513-chloropropene, 3-chloropropylene, Chlorallylene Aluminum sulfate10043013Alum Ammonia7664417 Ammonium acetate631618Acetic acid ammonium, salt Ammonium benzoate1863634 Ammonium bicarbonate1066337Acid ammonium carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate Ammonium bichromate7789095 Ammonium bifluoride1341497Acid ammonium fluoride, ammonium hydrogen fluoride Ammonium bisulfite10192300 Ammonium carbamate1111780Ammonium aminoformate Ammonium carbonate506876 Ammonium chloride12125029Ammonium muriate, sal ammoniac, salmiac, Amchlor Ammonium chromate7788989 Ammonium citrate dibasic3012655Diammonium citrate, citric acid diammonium salt Ammonium fluoborate13826830Ammonium fluoroborate, ammonium borofluoride Ammonium fluoride12125018Neutral ammonium fluoride Ammonium hydroxide1336216 Ammonium oxalate6009707 5972736 14258492 Ammonium silicofluoride16919190Ammonium fluosilicate Ammonium sulfamate7773060Ammate, AMS, ammonium amidosulfate Ammonium sulfide12135761 Ammonium sulfite10196040 10192300 Ammonium tartrate3164292Tartaric acid ammonium salt 14307438 Ammonium thiocyanate1762954Ammonium rhodanide, ammonium sulfocyanate, ammonium sulfocyanide Amly acetate628637Amylacetic esteriso-123922 Pear oilsec-626380 Banana oiltert-625161 Aniline62533Aniline oil, phenylamine, aminobenzene, aminophen, kyanol Antimony pentachloride7647189 Antimony potassium tartrate28300745Tartar emetic, tartrated antimony, tartarized antimony, potassium antimonyltartrate Antimony tribromide7789619 Antimony trichloride10025919Butter of antimony Antimony trifluoride7783564Antimony fluoride Antimony trioxide1309644Diantimony trioxide, flowers of antimony Arsenic disulfide1303328Red arsenic sulfide Arsenic pentoxide1303282Arsenic acid anhydride, arsenic oxide Arsenic trichloride7784341Arsenic chloride, arsenious chloride, arsenous chloride, butter of arsenic Arsenic trioxide1327533Arsenious acid, arsenious oxide, white arsenic Arsenic trisulfide1303339Arsenious sulfide, yellow arsenic sulfide Barium cyanide542621 Benzene71432Cyclohexatriene, benzol Benzoic acid65850Benzenecarboxylic acid, phenylformic acid, dracylic acid Benzonitrile100470Phenyl cyanide, cyanobenzene Benzoyl chloride98884Benzenecarbonyl chloride Benzyl chloride100447 Beryllium chloride7787475 Beryllium fluoride7787497 Beryllium nitrate7787555 13597994 Butyl acetate123864Acetic acid butyl esteriso-110190 sec-105464 tert-540885 Butylamine1097391-aminobutaneiso-78819 sec-513495 sec-13952846 tert-75649 n/butyl phthalate847421.2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, dibutyl ester, dibutyl phthalate Butyric acid107926Butanoic acid, ethylacetic acidiso-79312 Cadmium acetate543908 Cadmium bromide7789426 Cadmium chloride10108642 Calcium arsenate7778441Tricalcium orthoarsenate Calcium arsenite52740166 Calcium carbide75207Carbide, acetylenogen Calcium chromate13765190Calcium chrome yellow, geblin, yellow ultramarine Calcium cyanide592018 Calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate26264062 Calcium hypochlorite7778543 Captan133062Orthocide-406, SR-406, Vancide-89 Carbaryl63252Sevin Carbofuran1563662Furadan Carbon disulfide75150Carbon bisulfide, dithiocarbonic anhydride Carbon tetrachloride56235Tetrachloromethane Perchloromethane Chlordane57749Toxichlor, chlordan Chlorine75003 Chlorobenzene108907Monochlorobenzene, benzene chloride Chloroform67663Trichloromethane Chlorpyrifos2921882Dursban Chlorosulfonic acid7790945Sulfuric chlorohydrin Chromic acetate1066304 Chromic acid11115745Chromic anhydride, chromium trioxide Chromic sulfate10101538 Chromous chloride10049055 Cobaltous bromide7789437Cobalt bromide Coabaltous formate544183Cobalt formate Cobaltous sulfamate14017415Cobalt sulfamate Coumaphos56724Co-Ral Cresol1319773Cresylic acidm-108394 Hydroxytolueneo-95487 p-106445 Crotonaldehyde41703032-butenal propylene aldelhyde Cupric acetate142712Copper acetate, crystalized verdigris Cupric acetoarsenite12002038Copper acetoarsenite, copper acetate arsenite, Paris green Cupric chloride7447394Copper chloride Cupric nitrate3251238Copper nitrate Cupric oxalate5893663Copper oxalate Cupric sulfate7758987Copper sulfate Cupric sulfate, ammoniated10380297Ammoniated copper sulfate Cupric tartrate815827Copper tartrate Cyanogen chloride506774 Cyclohexane110827Hexahydrobenzene, hexamethylene, hexanaphthene 2,4-D acid947572,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 2,4-D ester941112,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid ester 94791 94804 1320189 1928387 1928616 1929733 2971382 25168267 53467111 DDT50293p,p′-DDT Diazinon333415Dipofene, Diazitol, Basudin, Spectracide Dicamba19180092-methoxy-3,6-dichlorobenzoic acid Dichlobenil11946562,6-dichlorobenzonitrile, 2,6-DBN Dichlone117806Phygon, dichloronaphthoquinone Dichlorobenzene25321226Di-chloricideOrtho95501 Paramoth (Para)Para106467 Dichloropropane26638197Propylene dichloride1,178999 1,278875 1,3142289 Dichloropropene269522381,3542756 2,378886 Dichloropropene-dichloropropane (mixture)8003198D-D mixture Vidden D 2,2-Dichloropropionic acid75990Dalapon Dichlorvos627372,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate, Vapona Dicofol115322Di(p-chlorophenyl)-trichloromethylcarbinol, DTMC, dicofol Dieldrin60571Alvit Diethylamine109897 Dimethylamine124403 Dinitrobenzene (mixed)25154545Dinitrobenzolm-99650 o-528290 p-100254 Dinitrophenol51285Aldifen(2,5-)329715 (2,4-) (2,6-)573568 Dinitrotoluene25321146DNT2,4121142 2,6606202 3,4610399 Diquat85007Aquacide 2764729Dextrone, Reglone, Diquat dibromide Disulfoton298044Di-syston Diuron330541DCMU, DMU Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid27176870 Endosulfan115297Thiodan Endrin72208Mendrin, Compound 269 Epichlorohydrin106898-chloropropylene oxide Ethion563122Nialate, ethyl methylene, phosphorodithioate Ethylbenzene100414Phenylethane Ethylenediamine1071531,2-diaminoethane Ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA)60004Edetic acid, Havidote, (ethylenedinitrilo)-tetraacetic acid Ethylene dibromide1069341,2-dibromoethane acetylene dibromide sym-dibromoethylene Ethylene dichloride1070621,2-dichloroethane sym-bichloroethane Ferric ammonium citrate1185575Ammonium ferric citrate Ferric ammonium oxalate2944674Ammonium ferric oxalate 55488874 Ferric chloride7705080Flores martis, iron trichloride Ferric fluoride7783508 Ferric nitrate10421484Iron nitrate Ferric sulfate10028225Ferric persulfate, ferric sesquisulfate, ferric tersulfate Ferrous ammonium sulfate10045893Mohr's salt, iron ammonium sulfate Ferrous chloride7758943Iron chloride, iron dichloride, iron protochloride Ferrous sulfate7720787Green vitriol 7782630Iron vitriol, iron sulfate, iron protosulfate Formaldehyde50000Methyl aldehyde, methanal, formalin Formic acid64186Methanoic acid Fumaric acid110178Trans-butenedioic acid, trans-1,2-ethylenedicarboxylic acid, boletic acid, allomaleic acid Furfural980112-furaldehyde, pyromucic aldehyde Guthion86500Gusathion, azinphos-methyl Heptachlor76448Velsicol-104, Drinox, Heptagran Hexachlorocyclopentadiene77474Perchlorocyclopentadiene Hydrochloric acid7647010Hydrogen chloride, muriatic acid Hydrofluoric acid7664393Fluohydric acid Hydrogen cyanide74908Hydrocyanic acid Hydrogen sulfide7783064Hydrosulfuric acid sulfur hydride Isoprene787952-methyl-1,3-butadiene Isopropanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate42504461 Kepone143500Chlordecone 1,1a,3,3a,4,5,5,5a,5b,6-decachlorooctahydro-1,3,4-metheno-2H-cyclobuta(cd)pentalen-2-one Lead acetate301042Sugar of lead Lead arsenate7784409 7645252 10102484 Lead chloride7758954 Lead fluoborate13814965Lead fluoroborate Lead fluoride7783462Lead difluoride, plumbous fluoride Lead iodide10101630 Lead nitrate10099748 Lead stearate7428480Stearic acid lead salt 1072351 52652592 Lead sulfate7446142 Lead sulfide1314870Galena Lead thiocyanate592870Lead sulfocyanate Lindane58899Gamma-BHC, gamma-benzene hexachloride Lithium chromate14307358 Malathion121755Phospothion Maleic acid110167Cis-butenedioic acid, cis-1,2-ethylenedicarboxylic acid, toxilic acid Maleic anhydride1083162,5-furandione, cis-butenedioic anhydride, toxilic anhydride Mercaptodimethur203657Mesurol Mercuric cyanide592041Mercury cyanide Mercuric nitrate10045940Mercury nitrate, mercury pernitrate Mercuric sulfate7783359Mercury sulfate, mercury persulfate Mercuric thiocyanate592858Mercury thiocyanate, mercuric sulfocyanate, mercuric sulfocyanide Mercurous nitrate7782867 10415755Mercury protonitrate Methoxychlor72435DMDT, methoxy-DDT Methyl mercaptan74931Methanethiol, mercaptomethane, methyl sulfhydrate, thiomethyl alcohol Methyl methacrylate80626Methacrylic acid methyl ester, methyl-2-methyl-2-propenoate Methyl parathion298000Nitrox-80 Mevinphos7786347Phosdrin Mexacarbate315184Zectran Monoethylamine75047Ethylamine, aminoethane Monomethylamine74895Methylamine, aminomethane Naled300765Dibrom Naphthalene91203White tar, tar camphor, naphthalin Naphthenic acid1338245Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, hexahydrobenzoic acid Nickel ammonium sulfate15699180Ammonium nickel sulfate Nickel chloride37211055Nickelous chloride 7718549 Nickel hydroxide12054487Nickelous hydroxide Nickel nitrate14216752 Nickel sulfate7786814Nickelous sulfate Nitric acid7697372Aqua fortis Nitrobenzene98953Nitrobenzol, oil of mirbane Nitrogen dioxide10102440Nitrogen tetraoxide Nitrophenol (mixed)25154556Mononitrophenolm-554847 o-88755 p-100027 Nitrotoluene1321126Ortho88722 Meta99081 Para99990 Paraformaldehyde30525894Paraform, Formagene, Triformol, polymerized formaldehyde, polyoxymethylene Parathion56382DNTP, Niran Pentachlorophenol87865PCP, Penta Phenol108952Carbolic acid, phenyl hydroxide, hydroxybenzene, oxybenzene Phosgene75445Diphosgene, carbonyl chloride, chloroformyl chloride Phosphoric acid7664382Orthophosphoric acid Phosphorus7723140Black phosphorus, red phosphorus, white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus Phosphorus oxychloride10025873Phosphoryl chloride, phosphorus chloride Phosphorus pentasulfide1314803Phosphoric sulfide, thiophosphoric anhydride, phosphorus persulfide Phosphorus trichloride7719122Phosphorous chloride Polychorinated biphenyls1336363PCB, Aroclor, polychlorinated diphenyls Potassium arsenate7784410 Potassium arsenite10124502Potassium metaarsenite Potassium bichromate7778509Potassium dichromate Potassium chromate7789006 Potassium cyanide151508 Potassium hydroxide1310583Potassium hydrate, caustic potash, potassa Potassium permanganate7722647Chameleon mineral Propargite2312358Omite Propionic acid79094Propanoic acid, methylacetic acid, ethylformic acid Propionic anhydride123626Propanoic anhydride, methylacetic anhydride Propylene oxide75569Propene oxide Pyrethrins121299Pyrethrin I 121211Pyrethrin II Quinoline912251-benzazine, benzo(b)pyridine, leuocoline, chinoleine, leucol Resorcinol108463Resorcin, 1,3-benzenediol, meta-dihydroxybenzene Selenium oxide7446084Selenium dioxide Silver nitrate7761888Nitric acid silver (1 + ) salt lunar caustic Sodium7440235Natrium Sodium arsenate7631892Disodium arsenate Sodium arsenite7784465Sodium metaarsenite Sodium bichromate10588019Sodium dichromate Sodium bifluoride1333831 Sodium bisulfite7631905Sodium acid sulfite, sodium hydrogen sulfite Sodium chromate7775113 Sodium cyanide143339 Sodium dodecylbenzene-sulfonate25155300 Sodium fluoride7681494Villiaumite Sodium hydrosulfide16721805Sodium hydrogen sulfide Sodium hydroxide1310732Caustic soda, soda lye, sodium hydrate Sodium hypochlorite7681529Bleach 10022705 Sodium methylate124414Sodium methoxide Sodium nitrite7632000 Sodium phosphate, dibasic7558794 10039324 10140655 Sodium phosphate, tribasic7601549 10101890 10361894 Sodium selenite10102188 7782823 Strontium chromate7789062 Strychnine57249 Styrene100425Vinylbenzene, phenylethylene, styrol, styrolene, cinnamene, cinnamol Sulfuric acid7664939Oil of vitriol, oleum Sulfur monochloride12771083Sulfur chloride 2,4,5-T acid937652,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid 2,4,5-T amines6369966Acetic acid (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-compound with N,N-dimethylmethanamine (1:1) 6369977Acetic acid (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-compound with N-methylmethanamine (1:1) 1319728Acetic acid (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-compound with 1-amino-2-propanol (1:1) 3813147Acetic acid (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-compound with 2,2'2”-nitrilotris [ethanol] (1:1) 2,4,5-T esters25455972,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic esters 93798 61792072 1928478 25168154 2,4,5-T salts13560991Acetic acid (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-sodium salt TDE72548DDD 2,4,5-TP acid93721Propanoic acid 2-(2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy) 2,4,5-TP esters32534955Propanoic acid, 2-(2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)-, isooctyl ester Tetraethyl lead78002Lead tetraethyl, TEL Tetraethyl pyrophosphate107493TEPP Thallium sulfate10031591 7446186 Toluene108883Toluol, methylbenzene, phenylmethane, Methacide Toxaphene8001352Camphechlor Trichlorfon52686Dipterex
Trichlorethylene79016Ethylene trichloride Trichlorophenol25167822Collunosol, Dowicide 2 or 2S, Omal, Phenachlor(2,3,4-)
Triethanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate27323417 Triethylamine121448 Trimethylamine75503TMA Uranyl acetate541093 Uranyl nitrate10102064 36478769 Vanadium pentoxide1314621Vanadic anhydride, vanadic acid anhydride Vanadyl sulfate27774136Vanadic sulfate, vanadium sulfate Vinyl acetate108054Acetic acid ethylene ether Vinylidene chloride753541,1-dichlorethylene 1,1-dichloroethene Xylene (mixed)1330207Dimethylbenzenem-108383 Xylolo-95476 p-106423 Xylenol1300716Dimethylphenol, hydroxydimethylbenzene Zinc acetate557346 Zinc ammonium chloride14639975 14639986 52628258 Zinc borate1332076 Zinc bromide7699458 Zinc carbonate3486359 Zinc chloride7646857Butter of zinc Zinc cyanide557211 Zinc fluoride7783495 Zinc formate557415 Zinc hydrosulfite7779864 Zinc nitrate7779886 Zinc phenolsulfonate127822Zinc sulfocarbolate Zinc phosphide1314847 Zinc silicofluoride16871719Zinc fluosilicate Zinc sulfate7733020White vitriol, zinc vitriol, white copperas Zirconium nitrate13746899 Zirconium potassium fluoride16923958 Zirconium sulfate14644612Disulfatozirconic acid Zirconium tetrachloride10026116

Table 116.4B - List of Hazardous Substances by CAS Number

CAS No. Common name 50000Formaldehyde 50293DDT 512852,4-Dinitrophenol 52686Trichlorfon 56382Parathion 56724Coumaphos 57249Strychnine 57749Chlordane 58899Lindane 60004Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) 60571Dieldrin 62533Aniline 62737Dichlorvos 63252Carbaryl 64186Formic acid 64197Acetic acid 65850Benzoic acid 67663Chloroform 71432Benzene 72208Endrin 72435Methoxychlor 72548TDE 74895Monomethylamine 74908Hydrogen cyanide 74931Methyl mercaptan 75047Monoethylamine 75070Acetaldehyde 75150Carbon disulfide 75207Calcium carbide 75445Phosgene 75503Trimethylamine 75649tert-Butylamine 75865Acetone cyanohydrin 759902,2-Dichloropropionic acid 76448Heptachlor 78002Tetraethyl lead 78795Isoprene 78819iso-Butylamine 79094Propionic acid 79312iso-Butyric acid 79367Acetyl chloride 80626Methyl methacrylate 85007Diquat 86500Guthion 87865Pentachlorophenol 88755o-Nitrophenol 91203Naphthalene 91225Quinoline 937652,4,5-T acid 937982,4,5-T ester 941112,4-D ester 947572,4-D acid 947912,4-D ester 948042,4-D Butyl ester 95476o-Xylene 95487o-Cresol 98011Furfural 98884Benzoyl chloride 98953Nitrobenzene 99650m-Dinitrobenzene 100027p-Nitrophenol 100254p-Dinitrobenzene 100414Ethylbenzene 100425Styrene 100447Benzyl chloride 100470Benzonitrile 105464sec-Butyl acetate 106423p-Xylene 106445p-Cresol 107028Acrolein 107051Allyl chloride 107131Acrylonitrile 107153Ethylenediamine 107186Allyl alcohol 107493Tetraethyl pyrophosphate 107926n-Butyric acid 108054Vinyl acetate 108247Acetic anhydride 108316Maleic anhydride 108383m-Xylene 108394m-Cresol 108463Resorcinol 108883Toluene 108907Chlorobenzene 108952Phenol 109739n-Butylamine 109897Diethylamine 110167Maleic acid 110178Fumaric acid 110190iso-Butyl acetate 110827Cyclohexane 115297Endosulfan 115322Dicofol 117806Dichlone 121211Pyrethrin 121299Pyrethrin 121448Triethylamine 121755Malathion 123626Propionic anhydride 123864n-Butyl acetate 123922iso-Amyl acetate 124403Dimethylamine 124414Sodium methylate 127822Zinc phenolsulfonate 133062Captan 142712Cupric acetate 143339Sodium cyanide 151508Potassium cyanide 298000Methyl parathion 298044Disulfoton 300765Naled 301042Lead acetate 309002Aldrin 315184Mexacarbate 3297152,5-Dinitrophenol 330541Diuron 333415Diazinon 506774Cyanogen chloride 506876Ammonium carbonate 506967Acetyl bromide 513495sec-Butylamine 528290o-Dinitrobenzene 540885tert-Butyl acetate 541093Uranyl acetate 542621Barium cyanide 543908Cadmium acetate 544183Cobaltous formate 554847m-Nitrophenol 557211Zinc cyanide 557346Zinc acetate 557415Zinc formate 563122Ethion 5735682,6-Dinitrophenol 592018Calcium cyanide 592041Mercuric cyanide 592858Mercuric thiocyanate 592870Lead thiocyanate 625161tert-Amyl acetate 626380sec-Amyl acetate 628637n-Amyl acetate 631618Ammonium acetate 815827Cupric tartrate 1066304Chromic acetate 1066337Ammonium bicarbonate 1072351Lead stearate 1111780Ammonium carbamate 1185575Ferric ammonium citrate 1194656Dichlobenil 1300716Xylenol 1303282Arsenic pentoxide 1303328Arsenic disulfide 1303339Arsenic trisulfide 1309644Antimony trioxide 1310583Potassium hydroxide 1310732Sodium hydroxide 1314621Vanadium pentoxide 1314803Phosphorus pentasulfide 1314847Zinc phosphide 1314870Lead sulfide 1319773Cresol (mixed) 13201892,4-D ester 1327533Arsenic trioxide 1330207Xylene 1332076Zinc borate 1333831Sodium bifluoride 1336216Ammonium hydroxide 1336363Polychlorinated biphenyls 1338245Naphthenic acid 1341497Ammonium bifluoride 1762954Ammonium thiocyanate 1863634Ammonium benzoate 1918009Dicamba 19283872,4-D esters 19284782,4,5-T ester 19286162,4-D ester 19297332,4-D ester 25455972,4,5-T ester 2764729Diquat 2921882Chlorpyrifos 2944674Ferric ammonium oxalate 29713822,4-D ester 3012655Ammonium citrate, dibasic 3164292Ammonium tartrate 3251238Cupric nitrate 3486359Zinc carbonate 5893663Cupric oxalate 5972736Ammonium oxalate 6009707Ammonium oxalate 63699662,4,5-T ester 7428480Lead stearate 7440235Sodium 7446084Selenium oxide 7446142Lead sulfate 7447394Cupric chloride 7558794Sodium phosphate, dibasic 7601549Sodium phosphate, tribasic 7631892Sodium arsenate 7631905Sodium bisulfite 7632000Sodium nitrite 7645252Lead arsenate 7646857Zinc chloride 7647010Hydrochloric acid 7647189Antimony pentachloride 7664382Phosphoric acid 7664393Hydrofluoric acid 7664417Ammonia 7664939Sulfuric acid 7681494Sodium fluoride 7681529Sodium hypochlorite 7697372Nitric acid 7699458Zinc bromide 7705080Ferric chloride 7718549Nickel chloride 7719122Phosphorus trichloride 7720787Ferrous sulfate 7722647Potassium permanganate 7723140Phosphorus 7733020Zinc sulfate 7758943Ferrous chloride 7758954Lead chloride 7758987Cupric sulfate 7773060Ammonium sulfamate 7775113Sodium chromate 7778441Calcium arsenate 7778509Potassium bichromate 7778543Calcium hypochlorite 7779864Zinc hydrosulfite 7779886Zinc nitrate 7782505Chlorine 7782630Ferrous sulfate 7782823Sodium selenite 7782867Mercurous nitrate 7783359Mercuric sulfate 7783462Lead fluoride 7783495Zinc fluoride 7783508Ferric fluoride 7783564Antimony trifluoride 7784341Arsenic trichloride 7784409Lead arsenate 7784410Potassium arsenate 7784465Sodium arsenite 7786347Mevinphos 7786814Nickel sulfate 7787475Beryllium chloride 7787497Beryllium fluoride 7787555Beryllium nitrate 7788989Ammonium chromate 7789006Potassium chromate 7789062Strontium chromate 7789095Ammonium bichromate 7789426Cadmium bromide 7789437Cobaltous bromide 7789619Antimony tribromide 7790945Chlorosulfonic acid 8001352Toxaphene 10022705Sodium hypochlorite 10025873Phosphorus oxychloride 10025919Antimony trichloride 10026116Zirconium tetrachloride 10028225Ferric sulfate 10028247Sodium phosphate, dibasic 10039324Sodium phosphate, dibasic 10043013Aluminum sulfate 10045893Ferrous ammonium sulfate 10045940Mercuric nitrate 10049055Chromous chloride 10099748Lead nitrate 10101538Chromic sulfate 10101630Lead iodide 10101890Sodium phosphate, tribasic 10102064Uranyl nitrate 10102188Sodium selenite 10102440Nitrogen dioxide 10102484Lead arsenate 10108642Cadmium chloride 10124502Potassium arsenite 10140655Sodium phosphate, dibasic 10192300Ammonium bisulfite 10196040Ammonium sulfite 10361894Sodium phosphate, tribasic 10380297Cupric sulfate, ammoniated 10415755Mercurous nitrate 10421484Ferric nitrate 10588019Sodium bichromate 11115745Chromic acid 12002038Cupric acetoarsenite 12054487Nickel hydroxide 12125018Ammonium fluoride 12125029Ammonium chloride 12135761Ammonium sulfide 12771083Sulfur chloride 13597994Beryllium nitrate 13746899Zirconium nitrate 13765190Calcium chromate 13814965Lead fluoborate 13826830Ammonium fluoborate 13952846sec-Butylamine 14017415Cobaltous sulfamate 14216752Nickel nitrate 14258492Ammonium oxalate 14307358Lithium chromate 14307438Ammonium tartrate 14639975Zinc ammonium chloride 14639986Zinc ammonium chloride 14644612Zirconium sulfate 15699180Nickel ammonium sulfate 16721805Sodium hydrosulfide 16871719Zinc silicofluoride 16919190Ammonium silicofluoride 16923958Zirconium potassium fluoride 25154545Dinitrobenzene 25154556Nitrophenol 25155300Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate 25167822Trichlorophenol 251681542,4,5-T ester 251682672,4-D ester 26264062Calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate 27176870Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid 27323417Triethanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate 27774136Vanadyl sulfate 28300745Antimony potassium tartrate 30525894Paraformaldehyde 36478769Uranyl nitrate 37211055Nickel chloride 42504461Dodecylbenzenesulfonate isopropanolamine 52628258Zinc ammonium chloride 52740166Calcium arsenite 534671112,4-D ester 55488874Ferric ammonium oxalate 617920722,4,5-T ester
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