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§ 141.110 - General requirements.

The requirements of subpart K of this part constitute national primary drinking water regulations. These regulations establish treatment techniques in lieu of maximum contaminant levels for specified contaminants.

§ 141.111 - Treatment techniques for acrylamide and epichlorohydrin.

Each public water system must certify annually in writing to the State (using third party or manufacturer's certification) that when acrylamide and epichlorohydrin are used in drinking water systems, the combination (or product) of dose and monomer level does not exceed the levels specified as follows:

Acrylamide = 0.05% dosed at 1 ppm (or equivalent) Epichlorohydrin = 0.01% dosed at 20 ppm (or equivalent) Certifications can rely on manufacturers or third parties, as approved by the State.