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§ 136.1 - Definitions.

When used in this part:

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) means the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior.

Indian includes Indians in the Continental United States, and Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos in Alaska.

Indian health program means the health services program for Indians administered by the Indian Health Service within the Department of Health and Human Services.

Jurisdiction has the same geographical meaning as in Bureau of Indian Affairs usage.

Service means the Indian Health Service.

§ 136.2 - Purpose of the regulations.

The regulations in this part establish general principles and program requirements for carrying out the Indian health programs.

§ 136.3 - Administrative instructions.

The service periodically issues administrative instructions to its officers and employees, which are primarily found in the Indian Health Service Manual and the Area Office and program office supplements. These instructions are operating procedures to assist officers and employees in carrying out their responsibilities, and are not regulations establishing program requirements which are binding upon members of the general public.