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§ 351.1 - Purpose.

This part sets out Federal agency roles and assigns tasks regarding Federal assistance to State and local governments in their radiological emergency planning and preparedness activities. Assignments in this part are applicable to radiological accidents at fixed nuclear facilities and transportation accidents involving radioactive materials.

§ 351.2 - Scope.

The emergency planning and preparedness responsibilities covered by this part relate to consequences and activities which extend beyond the boundaries of any fixed nuclear facility with a potential for serious consequences and the area affected by a transportation accident involving radioactive materials.

§ 351.3 - Limitation of scope.

(a) This part covers Federal agency assignments and responsibilities in connection with State and local emergency plans and preparedness measures. It does not set forth criteria used in the review and approval of these plans and does not include any of the requirements associated with FEMA findings and determinations on the adequacy of State and local government radiological emergency preparedness. FEMA has published a separate rule on procedures and criteria for reviewing and approving these plans and preparedness capabilities. Furthermore, this part does not set forth Federal agency responsibilities or capabilities for responding to an accident at a fixed nuclear facility or a transportation accident involving radioactive materials. These responsibilities are addressed in the “Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan” (50 FR 46542, November 8, 1985).

(b) Nothing in this part authorizes access to or disclosure of classified information required to be protected in accordance with Federal law or regulation in the interest of national security.

[47 FR 10759, Mar. 11, 1982, as amended at 51 FR 34606, Sept. 30, 1986]