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§ 42.01 - Applicability.

This part prescribes the regulations governing the preservation of records of communication common carriers that are fully subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission.

General Instructions

§ 42.1 - Scope of the regulations in this part.

(a) The regulations in this part apply to all accounts, records, memoranda, documents, papers, and correspondence prepared by or on behalf of the carrier as well as those which come into its possession in connection with the acquisition of property, such as by purchase, consolidation, merger, etc.

(b) The regulations in this part shall not be construed as requiring the preparation of accounts, records, or memoranda not required to be prepared by other regulations, such as the Uniform System of Accounts, except as provided hereinafter.

(c) The regulations in this part shall not be construed as excusing compliance with any other lawful requirement for the preservation of records.

§ 42.2 - Designation of a supervisory official.

Each carrier subject to the regulations in this part shall designate one or more officials to supervise the preservation of its records.

§ 42.3 - Protection and storage of records.

The carrier shall protect records subject to the regulations in this part from damage from fires, and other hazards and, in the selection of storage spaces, safeguard the records from unnecessary exposure to deterioration.

§ 42.6 - Retention of telephone toll records.

Each carrier that offers or bills toll telephone service shall retain for a period of 18 months such records as are necessary to provide the following billing information about telephone toll calls: the name, address, and telephone number of the caller, telephone number called, date, time and length of the call. Each carrier shall retain this information for toll calls that it bills whether it is billing its own toll service customers for toll calls or billing customers for another carrier.

[51 FR 39536, Oct. 29, 1986]

Specific Instructions for Carriers Offering Interexchange Services

§ 42.10 - Public availability of information concerning interexchange services.

(a) A nondominant interexchange carrier (IXC) shall make available to any member of the public, in at least one location, during regular business hours, information concerning its current rates, terms and conditions for all of its international and interstate, domestic, interexchange services. Such information shall be made available in an easy to understand format and in a timely manner. Following an inquiry or complaint from the public concerning rates, terms and conditions for such services, a carrier shall specify that such information is available and the manner in which the public may obtain the information.

(b) In addition, a nondominant IXC that maintains an Internet website shall make such rate and service information specified in paragraph (a) of this section available on-line at its Internet website in a timely and easily accessible manner, and shall update this information regularly.

[64 FR 19725, Apr. 22, 1999, as amended at 66 FR 16879, Mar. 28, 2001]

§ 42.11 - Retention of information concerning detariffed interexchange services.

(a) A nondominant IXC shall maintain, for submission to the Commission and to state regulatory commissions upon request, price and service information regarding all of the carrier's international and interstate, domestic, interexchange service offerings. A commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) provider shall maintain such price and service information only about its international common carrier service offerings and only for those routes on which the CMRS provider is classified as dominant under § 63.10 of this Chapter due to an affiliation with a foreign carrier that collects settlement payments from U.S. carriers for terminating U.S. international switched traffic at the foreign end of the route. Such a CMRS provider is not required to maintain its price and service information, however, on any such affiliated route if it provides service on that route solely through the resale of an unaffiliated facilities-based provider's international switched services. The price and service information maintained for purposes of this paragraph shall include documents supporting the rates, terms, and conditions of the carrier's international and interstate, domestic, interexchange offerings. The information maintained pursuant to this section shall be maintained in a manner that allows the carrier to produce such records within ten business days. For purposes of this paragraph, affiliated and foreign carrier are defined in § 63.09 of this chapter.

(b) The price and service information maintained pursuant to this section shall be retained for a period of at least two years and six months following the date the carrier ceases to provide services pursuant to such rates, terms and conditions.

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