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§ 33.90 - Protection against claims.

A person shall not be held liable for damages or penalties for any act or failure to act resulting directly or indirectly from compliance with any provision of this part, or an official action, notwithstanding that such provision or action shall subsequently be declared invalid by judicial or other competent authority.

§ 33.91 - Records and reports.

(a) Persons are required to make and preserve for at least three years, accurate and complete records of any transaction covered by this part or an official action.

(b) Records must be maintained in sufficient detail to permit the determination, upon examination, of whether each transaction complies with the provisions of this part or any official action. However, this part does not specify any particular method or system to be used.

(c) Records required to be maintained by this part must be made available for examination on demand by duly authorized representatives of the Department of Transportation as provided in § 33.71.

(d) In addition, persons must develop, maintain, and submit any other records and reports to the Department of Transportation that may be required for the administration of the Defense Production Act and other applicable statutes, and this part.

(e) Section 705(d) of the Defense Production Act, as implemented by Executive Order 13603, provides that information obtained under this section which the Secretary deems confidential, or with reference to which a request for confidential treatment is made by the person furnishing such information, shall not be published or disclosed unless the Secretary determines that the withholding of this information is contrary to the interest of the national defense. Information required to be submitted to the Department of Transportation in connection with the enforcement or administration of the Defense Production Act, this part, or an official action, is deemed to be confidential under section 705(d) of the Defense Production Act and shall be handled in accordance with applicable Federal law.

§ 33.92 - Applicability of this part and official actions.

(a) This part and all official actions, unless specifically stated otherwise, apply to transactions in any State, territory, or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia.

(b) This part and all official actions apply not only to deliveries to other persons but also include deliveries to affiliates and subsidiaries of a person and deliveries from one branch, division, or section of a single entity to another branch, division, or section under common ownership or control.

(c) This part and its schedules shall not be construed to affect any administrative actions taken by the Department of Transportation, or any outstanding contracts or orders placed pursuant to any of the parts, orders, schedules or delegations of authority previously issued by the Department of Transportation pursuant to authority granted by the President to the Department under in the Defense Production Act. Such actions, contracts, or orders shall continue in full force and effect under this part unless modified or terminated by proper authority.

§ 33.93 - Communications.

All communications concerning this part, including requests for copies of the part and explanatory information, requests for guidance or clarification, and requests for adjustment or exception shall be addressed to the Defense Production Act Activities Coordinator, Office of Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590.

Appendix I - Appendix I to Part 33 - Sample Form OST F 1254

- Schedule 1 to Part 33 - Approved Programs

The programs listed in this schedule have been approved for priorities and allocations support under this part by DoD, DOE, or DHS, in accordance with section 203 of Executive Order 13603. They have equal preferential status.

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