U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1150.1 - Introduction.

(a) When an application is required. This subpart governs applications under 49 U.S.C. 10901 for a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the construction, acquisition or operation of railroad lines. Noncarriers require Board approval under section 10901 to construct, acquire or operate a rail line in interstate commerce. Existing carriers require approval under section 10901 only to construct a new rail line or operate a line owned by a noncarrier, since acquisition by a carrier of an active rail line owned by a carrier is covered by 49 U.S.C. 11323. We have exempted from these requirements the acquisition by a State entity of a rail line that has been approved for abandonment, as well as operations over these lines. See subpart C of this part. In addition, where appropriate, we have granted individual exemptions from these certification requirements. See 49 U.S.C. 10502.

(b) Content of the application. Applications filed under this subpart shall include the information set forth in §§ 1150.2 through 1150.9. The applicant must also comply with the Energy and Environmental Regulations at 49 CFR parts 1106 and 1105 (including consulting with the Board's Office of Environmental Analysis at least 6 months prior to filing an application, to begin the scoping process to identify environmental issues and outline procedures for analysis of this aspect of the proposal).

[47 FR 8199, Feb. 25, 1982, as amended at 64 FR 53268, Oct. 1, 1999; 69 FR 58366, Sept. 30, 2004; 83 FR 15079, Apr. 9, 2018]

§ 1150.2 - Overview.

(a) A brief narrative description of the proposal.

(b) The full name and address of applicant(s).

§ 1150.3 - Information about applicant(s).

(a) The name, address, and phone number of the representative to receive correspondence concerning this application.

(b) Facts showing that applicant is either a common carrier by railroad or has been organized to implement the proposal for which approval is being sought.

(c) A statement indicating whether the rail line will be operated by applicant. If not, the operator which has been selected must join in the application, and provide all information required for an applicant. If the operator has not yet been selected, state who is being considered.

(d) A statement indicating whether applicant is affiliated by stock ownership or otherwise with any industry to be served by the line. If so, provide details about the nature and extent of the affiliation.

(e) Date and place of organization, applicable State statutes, and a brief description of the nature and objectives of the organization.

(f) If a corporation, submit:

(1) A list of officers, directors, and 10 principal stockholders of the corporation and their respective holdings. A statement whether any of these officers, directors or major shareholders control other regulated carriers. Also a list of entities, corporation(s) individual(s), or group(s) who control applicant, the extent of control, and whether any of them control other common carriers.

(2) As exhibit A, any resolution of the stockholders or directors authorizing the proposal.

(g) If a partnership or individual, submit the name and address of all general partners and their respective interests, and whether any of them control other carriers.

(h) If applicant is an entity other than as described in paragraphs (f) or (g) of this section, submit name, title, and business address of principals or trustee, and whether the entity controls any other common carriers.

(i) If applicant is a trustee, receiver, assignee, or a personal representative of the real party in interest, details about the appointment (including supporting documents, such as the court order authorizing the appointment and the filing) and about the real party in interest.

(j) If applicant is an existing carrier, it may satisfy the informational requirements of paragraphs (f) through (i) of this section by making appropriate reference to the docket number of prior applications that have been filed within the previous three years in which the information has been submitted.

[47 FR 8199, Feb. 25, 1982, as amended at 81 FR 8855, Feb. 23, 2016]

§ 1150.4 - Information about the proposal.

(a) A description of the proposal and the significant terms and conditions, including consideration to be paid (monetary or otherwise). As exhibit B, copies of all relevant agreements.

(b) Details about the amount of traffic and a general description of commodities.

(c) The purposes of the proposal and an explanation of why the public convenience and necessity require or permit the proposal.

(d) As exhibit C, a map which clearly delineates the area to be served including origins, termini and stations, and cities, counties and States. The map should also delineate principal highways, rail routes and any possible interchange points with other railroads. If alternative routes are proposed for construction, the map should clearly indicate each route.

(e) A list of the counties and cities to be served under the proposal, and whether there is other rail service available to them. The names of the railroads with which the line would connect, and the proposed connecting points; the volume of traffic estimated to be interchanged; and a description of the principal terms of agreements with carriers covering operation, interchange of traffic, division of rates or trackage rights.

(f) The time schedule for consummation or completion of the proposal.

(g) If a new line is proposed for construction:

(1) The approximate area to be served by the line.

(2) The nature or type of existing and prospective industries (e.g., agriculture, manufacturing, mining, warehousing, forestry) in the area, with general information about the age, size, growth potential and projected rail use of these industries.

(3) Whether the construction will cross another rail line and the name of the railroad(s) owning the line(s) to be crossed. If the crossing will be accomplished with the permission of the railroad(s), include supporting agreements. If a Board determination under 49 U.S.C. 10901(d)(1) will be sought, include such requests.

§ 1150.5 - Operational data.

As exhibit D, an operating plan, including traffic projection studies; a schedule of the operations; information about the crews to be used and where employees will be obtained; the rolling stock requirements and where it will be obtained; information about the operating experience and record of the proposed operator unless it is an operating railroad; any significant change in patterns of service; any associated discontinuance or abandonments; and expected operating economies.

§ 1150.6 - Financial information.

(a) The manner in which applicant proposes to finance construction or acquisition, the kind and amount of securities to be issued, the approximate terms of their sale and total fixed charges, the extent to which funds for financing are now available, and whether any of the securities issued would be underwritten by industries to be served by the proposed line. Explain how the fixed charges will be met.

(b) As exhibit E a recent balance sheet. As exhibit F, an income statement for the latest available calendar year prior to filing the application.

(c) A present value determination of the full costs of the proposal. If construction is proposed, the costs for each year of such construction (in a short narrative or by chart).

(d) A statement of projected net income for 2 years, based upon traffic projections. Where construction is contemplated, the statement should represent the 2 years following completion of construction.

§ 1150.7 - Environmental and energy data.

As exhibit H, information and data prepared under 49 CFR Part 1105, and the “Revision of the Nat'l. Guidelines Environmental Policy Act of 1969,” 363 I.C.C. 653 (1980), and in accordance with “Implementation of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975,” 49 CFR Part 1106.

§ 1150.8 - Additional support.

Any additional facts or reasons to show that the public convenience and necessity require or permit approval of this application. The Board may require additional information to be filed where appropriate.

§ 1150.9 - Notice.

A summary of the proposal which will be used to provide notice under § 1150.10(f).

§ 1150.10 - Procedures.

(a) Waivers. Prior to filing an application, prospective applicants may seek an advance waiver, either on a permanent or temporary basis, of required information which is unavailable or not necessary or useful in analysis of the proposal. However, if the information is clearly not applicable to the individual proposal, a waiver is not necessary and need not be sought. A petition must specify the sections for which waiver or clarification is sought and the reasons why it should be granted. No replies will be permitted. Parties may, upon an appropriate showing, demonstrate their need to examine data which have previously been waived. In such circumstances, the Board only requires that it be produced under § 1150.8 above.

(b) Filing procedures. An application and all documents shall be filed with the Chief, Section of Administration, Office of Proceedings. A filing fee in the amount set forth in 49 CFR 1002.2(f) is required to file an application. Copies of documents shall be furnished promptly to interested parties upon request. The application may include a stamped self-addressed envelope to be used to notify applicant of the docket number. Additionally, if possible, telephonic communication of the docket number shall be made.

(c) Signatures. The original of the application shall be signed by applicants (if a partnership, all general partners must sign; and if a corporation, association, or other similar form of organization, the signature should be that of the executive officer having knowledge of the matters and designated for that purpose). Applications shall be made under oath and shall contain an appropriate certification (if a corporation, by its secretary) showing that the affiant is duly authorized to verify and file the application. Any persons controlling an applicant shall also sign the application.

(d) Related applications. Applicant shall file concurrently all directly related applications (e.g., to issue securities, control motor carriers, obtain access to terminal operations, acquire trackage rights). All such applications will be considered with the main application.

(e) Service. As soon as the docket number is obtained the applicant shall serve a conformed copy of the application by first-class mail upon the Governor (or Executive Officer), Public Service Board, and Department of Transportation of each State in which any part of the properties involved in the proposed transaction is located. Within 2 weeks of filing, applicant shall submit to the Board a copy of the certificate of service indicating that all persons so designated have been served a copy of the application.

(f) Publication. Within 2 weeks of filing, applicant shall have published the summary of the application (prepared under § 1150.9) in a newspaper of general circulation in each county in which the line is located. The notice should inform interested parties of the date by which they must advise the Board of their interest in the proceeding. This date shall be calculated as the 35th day after the filing of the application which is neither a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday in the District of Columbia. Applicant must file an affidavit of publication immediately after the publication has been completed. The Board will, as soon as practicable, either publish the notice summary in the Federal Register or reject the application if it is incomplete.

(g) Public participation. Written comments must be filed within 35 days of the filing of the application. Comments must contain the basis for the party's position either in support or opposition. Applicant must be served with a copy of each comment. On the basis of the comments and the assessment by the Office of Environmental Analysis, the Board will decide if a hearing is necessary. A hearing may be either oral or through receipt of written statements (modified procedure). (49 CFR part 1112) If there is no opposition to the application, additional evidence normally need not be filed, and a decision will be reached using the information in the application.

(h) Replies to written comments. Applicant's replies will be considered by the Board provided they are filed and served within 5 days of the due date of the pleadings they address.

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