U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 29, 2020

§ 174.13 - Contents of protest.

(a) Contents, in general. A protest shall contain the following information:

(1) The name and address of the protestant, i.e., the importer of record or consignee, and the name and address of his agent or attorney if signed by one of these;

(2) The importer number of the protestant. If the protestant is represented by an agent having power of attorney, the importer number of the agent shall also be shown;

(3) The number and date of the entry;

(4) The date of liquidation of the entry, or the date of a decision not involving a liquidation or reliquidation;

(5) A specific description of the merchandise affected by the decision as to which protest is made;

(6) The nature of, and justification for the objection set forth distinctly and specifically with respect to each category, payment, claim, decision, or refusal;

(7) The date of receipt and protest number of any protest previously filed that is the subject of a pending application for further review pursuant to subpart C of this part and that is alleged to involve the same merchandise and the same issues, if the protesting party requests disposition in accordance with the action taken on such previously filed protest;

(8) If another party has not filed a timely protest, the surety's protest shall certify that the protest is not being filed collusively to extend another authorized person's time to protest; and

(9) A declaration, to the best of the protestant's knowledge, as to whether the entry is the subject of drawback, or whether the entry has been referenced on a certificate of delivery or certificate of manufacture and delivery so as to enable a party to make such entry the subject of drawback (see §§ 181.50(b) and 191.81(b) of this chapter).

(b) Multiple entries. A single protest may be filed with respect to more than one entry with CBP, either at any port or electronically if all such entries involve the same protesting party, and if the same category of merchandise and a decision or decisions common to all entries are the subject of the protest. In such circumstances, the entry numbers, dates of entry, and dates of liquidation of all such entries should be set forth as an attachment to the protest.

(c) Optional designation for refunds. If desired by the importer/consignee the statement “any refunds with respect to the entry under protest shall be mailed to the importer/consignee in care of ____________”

(Name and Address of Agent) may be appended to the protest. This designation supersedes any existing designation previously authorized on Customs Form 4811. [T.D. 70-181, 35 FR 13429, Aug. 22, 1970, as amended by T.D. 80-271, 45 FR 75642, Nov. 17, 1980; T.D. 98-16, 63 FR 11005, Mar. 5, 1998; T.D. 99-64, 64 FR 43267, Aug. 10, 1999]