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§ 172.765 - Succistearin (stearoyl propylene glycol hydrogen succinate).

The food additive succistearin (stearoyl propylene glycol hydrogen succinate) may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) The additive is the reaction product of succinic anhydride, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (predominantly C16 or C18 fatty acid chain length), and propylene glycol.

(b) The additive meets the following specifications:

Acid number 50-150. Hydroxyl number 15-50. Succinated ester content 45-75 percent.

(c) The additive is used or intended for use as an emulsifier in or with shortenings and edible oils intended for use in cakes, cake mixes, fillings, icings, pastries, and toppings, in accordance with good manufacturing practice.