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§ 2520.104–26 - Limited exemption for certain unfunded dues financed welfare plans maintained by employee organizations.

(a) Scope. Under the authority of section 104(a)(3) of the Act, a welfare benefit plan that meets the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section is exempted from the provisions of the Act that require filing with the Secretary an annual report and furnishing a summary annual report to participants and beneficiaries. Such plans may use a simplified method of reporting and disclosure to comply with the requirement to furnish a summary plan description to participants and beneficiaries, as follows:

(1) In lieu of filing an annual report with the Secretary or distributing a summary annual report, a filing is made of Report Form LM–2 or LM–3, pursuant to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) and regulations thereunder, and

(2) In lieu of a summary plan description, the employee organization constitution or by-laws may be furnished in accordance with § 2520.104b–2 to participants and beneficiaries together with any supplement to such document necessary to meet the requirements of §§ 2520.102–2 and 2520.102–3.

(b) Application. This exemption is available only to welfare benefit plans maintained by an employee organization, as that term is defined in section 3(4) of the Act, paid for out of the employee organization's general assets, which are derived wholly or partly from membership dues, and which cover employee organization members and their beneficiaries.

(c) Limitations. This exemption does not exempt the administrator from any other requirement of part 1 of title I of the Act.

[42 FR 37184, July 19, 1977, as amended at 67 FR 776, Jan. 7, 2002]