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§ 10.2 - Evidence required of loss, destruction or mutilation of adjusted service certificate.

The veteran named in an adjusted service certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of section 501 of the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, or the person entitled to payment thereon will be required to furnish evidence of the nonreceipt of the adjusted service certificate, or of its receipt in a mutilated or defaced condition, or of the loss or destruction in whole or in part of defacement of the certificate after its receipt, as the case may be. The evidence must be sufficient to establish to the satisfaction of the Secretary that neither the veteran nor the person entitled to payment thereon, or any person for or on their behalf, received the adjusted service certificate, or that at the time of its receipt it was mutilated or defaced to such an extent as to impair its value, or that after receipt of the certificate it was lost or destroyed in whole or in part or defaced, but without bad faith on the part of the veteran, and that every effort has been made to recover the lost certificate. Unless determination is otherwise made by the Secretary the evidence must be in the form of a written statement sworn to by the veteran or person entitled to payment thereon and witnessed by at least two persons who shall state, under oath that they personally know the affiant, that they have read his or her statement and that it is true to the best of their knowledge and belief. These statements should be supplemented by affidavits of any persons having personal knowledge of additional facts and circumstances concerning the matter, and the Secretary may require any additional evidence deemed necessary.