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§ 10.3 - Issuance of duplicate adjusted service certificate with bond.

An indemnity bond will be required as a prerequisite to the issuance of a duplicate adjusted service certificate in all cases where the certificate was lost after receipt by the veteran, or after receipt by the veteran was defaced or mutilated and cannot be identified to the satisfaction of the Secretary, provided the loss, defacement, or mutilation was without bad faith on the part of the veteran or the person entitled to payment thereon. The bond must be in the manner and form prescribed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and for an amount equal to the face value of the certificate, with surety or sureties residents of the United States and satisfactory to the Secretary, with condition to indemnify and save harmless the United States from any claim on account of such certificate. If the certificate was defaced or mutilated the veteran or person entitled to payment thereon will be required to surrender to the Department of Veterans Affairs the certificate or so much thereof as may remain.