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§ 10.33 - Determination of dependency.

A determination of the existence of the alleged dependency will be made upon consideration of all facts relating to dependency, and upon such investigation of such facts as may be warranted. The following facts as existing at the time of the death of the veteran, or at any time thereafter and on or before January 2, 1935, or where it is established that the veteran is deceased as provided in section 312(a), at the beginning of such 7-year period or at any time thereafter and before the expiration of such period, shall be taken into consideration in determining dependency in a given case:

(a) Claimant's age.

(b) Amount contributed to claimant by deceased veteran.

(c) Value of all real and personal property owned by claimant.

(d) Total monthly expenses of the claimant and total monthly income.

(e) The fact that claimant did or did not receive an allotment of pay or allowance during the veteran's military or naval service.

(f) Incapability of self-support by reason of mental or physical defect.

(g) Any other fact or facts pertinent to the determination of dependency.