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§ 10.37 - Claim of widow not living with veteran at time of veteran's death.

If a veteran and widow were not living together at the time of the death of the veteran the widow will be required to establish:

(a) That the living apart was not due to her willful act, and

(b) Actual dependency upon the veteran at the time of his death or at any time thereafter and before January 2, 1935.

(1) A determination of what shall constitute a willful act, as used in section 602(a) of the Act, as amended, will be made upon consideration of all facts relating to such act and upon such investigation of such facts as may be deemed warranted. For the purpose of this section, the fact that a veteran lived apart from the widow because of any act by the widow involving desertion or moral turpitude will be construed as the willful act of the widow. Cause of separation and time and duration of separation at the time of the death of the veteran shall be taken into consideration in determining a willful act.

(2) A determination of the existence of actual dependency will be made under the criteria set forth in §§ 10.32 and 10.33 with respect to dependency of a mother or father.