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§ 10.42 - Claim of child other than legitimate child.

A claim of a child legally adopted by the veteran upon whose service the claim is based shall be supported by a certified copy of the court record of such adoption. A claim of a stepchild of a veteran shall be supported by an affidavit of his or her legal guardian, stating that at the time of the death of the veteran said stepchild was a member of the veteran's household. The fact, as stated in such affidavit, and the signature of the guardian thereto, shall be attested by the court having jurisdiction over the guardian, or by two competent persons to whom the child was personally known at the time of the death of the veteran. A claim of an illegitimate child of a veteran upon whose service claim is based, shall be supported by:

(a) A statement by the veteran in writing acknowledging his parentage of such child; or

(b) Certified copy of order or decree of a court ordering the veteran to contribute to such child's support; or

(c) Certified copy of a decree of a court holding the veteran to be the putative father of such child.