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§ 12.2 - Designee cases; incompetent veterans.

(a) An incompetent veteran will not be informed concerning the designation of a person to receive funds or effects; but if he or she has a guardian the guardian will be requested to make such designation of himself or herself or another person to receive possession of the funds and effects (other than funds deposited by VA in Personal Funds of Patients that were derived from VA benefits) upon the incompetent's death. The guardian will sign the letter designating himself or herself or another person with the veteran's name “By _____, guardian of his or her estate”.

(b) No effort will be made to obtain a designation by or on behalf of an incompetent veteran who has no guardian.

[13 FR 7128, Nov. 27, 1948, as amended at 25 FR 1613, Feb. 25, 1960; 79 FR 68129, Nov. 14, 2014]