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§ 12.17 - Unclaimed effects to be sold.

(a) Personal effects of persons referred to in § 12.15 which remain unclaimed for 90 days after the death or departure of the owner shall be sold in the manner provided by § 12.8. The owner, his or her personal representative, or next of kin may reclaim any such property upon request therefor at any time prior to the sale.

(b) Any unclaimed funds and the proceeds of any effects sold as unclaimed will be deposited to the General Post Fund subject to be reclaimed within five years after notice of sale, by or on behalf of any person or persons who, if known, would have been entitled to the property prior to the sale.

[13 FR 7131, Nov. 27, 1948, as amended at 14 FR 4726, July 28, 1949]