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§ 17.41 - Persons eligible for hospital observation and physical examination.

Hospitalization for observation and physical (including mental) examination may be effected when requested by an authorized official, or when found necessary in examination of the following persons:

(a) Claimants or beneficiaries of VA for purposes of disability compensation, pension, participation in a rehabilitation program under 38 U.S.C. chapter 31, and Government insurance. (38 U.S.C. 1711(a))

(b) Claimants or beneficiaries referred to a diagnostic center for study to determine the clinical identity of an obscure disorder.

(c) Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs when necessary to determine their mental or physical fitness to perform official duties.

(d) Claimants or beneficiaries of other Federal agencies:

(1) Department of Justice - plaintiffs in Government insurance suits.

(2) United States Civil Service Commission - annuitants or applicants for retirement annuity, and such examinations of prospective appointees as may be requested.

(3) Office of Workers' Compensation Programs - to determine identity, severity, or persistence of disability.

(4) Railroad Retirement Board - applicants for annuity under Public No. 162, 75th Congress.

(5) Other Federal agencies.

(e) Pensioners of nations allied with the United States in World War I and World War II, upon authorization from accredited officials of the respective governments.

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