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§ 17.43 - Persons entitled to hospital or domiciliary care.

Hospital or domiciliary care may be provided:

(a) Not subject to the eligibility provisions of 38 U.S.C. 1710, 1722, and 1729, and 38 CFR 17.44 and 17.45, for:

(1) Persons in the Armed Forces when duly referred with authorization therefor, may be furnished hospital care. Emergency treatment may be rendered, without obtaining formal authorization, to such persons upon their own application, when absent from their commands. Identification of active duty members of the uniformed services will be made by military identification card.

(2) Hospital care may be provided, upon authorization, for beneficiaries of the Public Health Service, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, and other Federal agencies.

(3) Pensioners of nations allied with the United States in World War I and World War II may be supplied hospital care when duly authorized.

(b) Emergency hospital care may be provided for:

(1) Persons having no eligibility, as a humanitarian service.

(2) Persons admitted because of presumed discharge or retirement from the Armed Forces, but subsequently found to be ineligible as such.

(3) Employees (not potentially eligible as ex-members of the Armed Forces) and members of their families, when residing on reservations of field facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and when they cannot feasibly obtain emergency treatment from private facilities.

(c) Hospital care when incidental to, and to the extent necessary for, the use of a specialized Department of Veterans Affairs medical resource pursuant to a sharing agreement entered into under § 17.240, may be authorized for any person designated by the other party to the agreement as a patient to be benefited under the agreement.

(d) The authorization of services under any provision of this section, except services for eligible veterans, is subject to charges as required by § 17.102.

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