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§ 17.61 - Eligibility.

VA health care personnel may assist a veteran by referring such veteran for placement in a privately or publicly-owned community residential care facility if:

(a) At the time of initiating the assistance:

(1) The veteran is receiving VA medical services on an outpatient basis or VA medical center, domiciliary, or nursing home care; or

(2) Such care or services were furnished the veteran within the preceding 12 months;

(b) The veteran does not need hospital or nursing home care but is unable to live independently because of medical (including psychiatric) conditions and has no suitable family resources to provide needed monitoring, supervision, and any necessary assistance in the veteran's activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living ; and

(c) The facility has been approved in accordance with § 17.63 of this part.

[54 FR 20842, May 15, 1989. Redesignated and amended at 61 FR 21965, 21966, May 13, 1996; 84 FR 33696, July 15, 2019]