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§ 17.80 - Alcohol and drug dependence or abuse treatment and rehabilitation in residential and nonresidential facilities by contract.

(a) Alcohol and drug dependence or abuse treatment and rehabilitation may be authorized by contract in nonresidential facilities and in residential facilities provided by halfway houses, therapeutic communities, psychiatric residential treatment centers and other community-based treatment facilities, when considered to be medically advantageous and cost effective for the following:

(1) Veterans who have been or are being furnished care by professional staff over which the Secretary has jurisdiction and such transitional care is reasonably necessary to continue treatment;

(2) Persons in the Armed Forces who, upon discharge therefrom will become eligible veterans, when duly referred with authorization for Department of Veterans Affairs medical center hospital care in preparation for treatment and rehabilitation in this program under the following limitations:

(i) Such persons may be accepted by transfer only during the last 30 days of such person's enlistment or tour of duty,

(ii) The person requests transfer in writing for treatment for a specified period of time during the last 30 days of such person's enlistment period or tour of duty,

(iii) Treatment does not extend beyond the period of time specified in the request unless such person requests in writing an extension for a further specified period of time and such request is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Director authorizing treatment and rehabilitation,

(iv) Such care and treatment will be provided as if the person were a veteran, subject to reimbursement by the respective military service for the costs of hospital care and control treatment provided while the person is an active duty member.

(b) The maximum period for one treatment episode is limited to 60 days. The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Director may authorize one 30-day extension.

(c) Any person who has been discharged or released from active military, naval or air service, and who, upon application for treatment and rehabilitative services under the authority of this section is determined to be legally ineligible for such treatment or rehabilitation services shall be:

(1) Provided referral services to assist the person, to the maximum extent possible, in obtaining treatment and rehabilitation services from sources outside the Department of Veterans Affairs, not at Department of Veterans Affairs expense and,

(2) If pertinent, advised of the right to apply to the appropriate military, naval or air service and the Department of Veterans Affairs for review of such person's discharge or release from such service.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1720A) [47 FR 57706, Dec. 28, 1982. Redesignated at 61 FR 21965, May 13, 1996, as amended at 61 FR 56897, Nov. 5, 1996]