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§ 17.114 - Submittal of claim for reimbursement.

The claim for reimbursement for personal effects damaged or destroyed will be submitted by the patient to the Director. The patient will separately list and evaluate each article with a notation as to its condition at the time of the fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster i.e., whether new, worn, etc. The date of the fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster will be stated. It will be certified by a responsible official that each article listed was stored in a designated location at the time of loss by fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster or was in process of laundering. The patient will further state whether the loss of each article was complete or partial, permitting of some further use of the article. The responsible official will certify that the amount of reimbursement claimed on each article of personal effects is not in excess of the fair value thereof at time of loss. The certification will be prepared in triplicate, signed by the responsible officer who made it, and countersigned by the Director of the medical center. After the above papers have been secured, voucher will be prepared, signed, and certified, and forwarded to the Fiscal Officer for approval, payment to be made in accordance with fiscal procedure. The original list of property and certificate are to be attached to voucher.

[39 FR 1843, Jan. 15, 1974, as amended at 49 FR 5616, Feb. 14, 1984. Redesignated at 61 FR 21966, May 13, 1996, and further redesignated at 67 FR 35039, May 17, 2002]