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§ 17.165 - Emergency outpatient dental treatment.

When outpatient emergency dental care is provided, as a humanitarian service, to individuals who have no established eligibility for outpatient dental care, the treatment will be restricted to the alleviation of pain or extreme discomfort, or the remediation of a dental condition which is determined to be endangering life or health. The provision of emergency treatment to persons found ineligible for dental care will not entitle the applicant to further dental treatment. Individuals provided emergency dental care who are found to be ineligible for such care will be billed.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501) [50 FR 14704, Apr. 15, 1985; 50 FR 21604, May 28, 1985. Redesignated at 61 FR 21966, May 13, 1996]