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§ 6.11 - How dividends are paid.

(a) Regular annual dividends becoming payable on or after December 31, 1958, shall be payable on the date preceding the anniversary of the policy unless the Secretary shall declare them payable on some other date.

(b) If the insured has a National Service Life Insurance policy or policies in force, dividends used to pay premiums in advance will be held to the credit of the insured, unless otherwise directed by the insured.

(c) In the event premiums on more than one policy having the same premium due date are unpaid and the dividend credit of the insured for application to payment of premiums is not sufficient to keep all policies in force, in the absence of instructions to the contrary by the insured, such dividend credit will be applied to pay premiums in such manner as will provide the maximum amount of insurance protection.

(d) Dividend credit of the insured held for payment of premiums as provided in section 1946 of title 38 U.S.C., may not be used to satisfy any indebtedness due the United States without the insured's consent. If the insured requests payment of such dividend credit, or any unused portion thereof, in cash, or requests that such credit be left to accumulate on deposit, then any indebtedness due the United States, such as described in § 6.7 will be recovered therefrom.

(e) Dividend credit of the insured held for payment of premiums or dividends left to accumulate on deposit may be applied to the payment of premiums in advance on any National Service Life Insurance policy upon written request of the insured made before default in payment of premium. Upon maturity of the policy, any unpaid dividend will be paid to the person(s) currently entitled to receive payments under the policy.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1944) [24 FR 15, Jan. 1, 1959, as amended at 25 FR 7369, Aug. 5, 1960; 28 FR 12544, Nov. 23, 1963; 32 FR 13927, Oct. 6, 1967; 48 FR 1962, Jan. 17, 1983. Redesignated and amended at 61 FR 29025, June 7, 1996]