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§ 8.5 - Authorization for deduction of premiums from compensation, retirement pay, or pension.

Deductions from benefits for the payment of premiums shall be effective on the month the authorization for such deduction is received by the Department of Veterans Affairs or on any successive month specified by the insured. Such deduction shall be applied to the premium due in the succeeding calendar month and shall continue monthly so long as the benefit payments are due and payable to the insured and the amount is sufficient to pay the premium or until such authorization is revoked by the veteran or otherwise terminated. When premium deductions are authorized by the insured, the premium will be treated as paid for purposes of preventing lapse of the insurance, so long as there is due and payable to the insured a benefit amount sufficient to provide the premium payment. If authorization was executed by the Director of a VA hospital or domiciliary or chief officer of a State hospital or other institution to make deductions from an institutional award, the authorization will cease and terminate at the termination of the institutional award and the insurance shall lapse unless another authorization for deduction from monthly benefit payments is executed by the insured. The insured will be notified by letter directed to the last address of record of the termination of the authorization to deduct premiums, but failure to give such notice shall not prevent lapse.

[61 FR 29291, June 10, 1996. Redesignated at 65 FR 7437, Feb. 15, 2000]